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His Blank Slate IV

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I agree with this guy nearly completely, but I also have a few…extra thoughts. Some of them are just mildly contrary.

By picking Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, Barack Obama pretty well guaranteed that both men would draw heat from their respective poltiical opponents, says conservative commentator David Aikman.

“Gays on the left of the spectrum hate Warren for his forthright opposition to gay marriage,” Aikmna says in a radio commentary on

Meanwhile, religious conservatives “think Warren is betraying them by endorsing with his popularity a man who is pro-abortion, very liberal and friendly to the gay community.”

Aikman’s advice to both sides: Chill.

“Obama,” he says, “deserves credit for reaching out to evangelicals. … And Warren ought to be commended for reaching out to political liberals.”

First of all, I’m sure the religious conservatives are out there. But I refuse to believe in any widespread phenomenon, because some outsider tells me to believe in it, out of a sense of anticipation. So where are they? I haven’t heard of Rick Warren being crucified because of this juxtaposition, by his ideological compatriots. Certainly not nearly to the extent The Annointed One has been by His.

Secondly, it isn’t “gays,” and no I’m not being P.C. because it isn’t “homosexuals” either. It is “the homosexual community,” a hodge-podge of shrill & strident homosexuals and shrill & strident heterosexuals who achieve theatrical horror in sync. Their job is to become offended on behalf of third-parties.

Always One AwayThey are important, for they have helped to give us our new President-Elect. They have much to teach us as well, for this episode in which Their Replacement Messiah has wandered off the path of the righteous, speaks volumes. It is a staggering shift demanded of our mindset by the events of reality — when you take the time to absorb what has happened and what it all means.

Turns out, nobody’s in a big hurry to be led by this guy.

I do not mean to say derogatory things about the intellect of The Chosen One. I’m sure Barack Obama is a bright bulb, and He has wonderful judgment, especially about things pertaining to His future political success. What I mean to say is that it is irrelevant. That it’s been demonstrated to us that it’s irrelevant. This was our Big Reveal; this was the curtain drawn back in front of the man at the controls, at the merry old Land of Oz.

“In (so many) more days, it’s gonna be pronounced ‘Nu-Cle-Ar’ again!” the “anchor” announced to wild blue-blood Manhattan applause during the “Weekend Update” segment of Saturday Night Live. What a first it would be for human history, if the content of the product matched the packaging used to advertise it: The intellectual energy radiating from the Office of the President, will explode with such a supernova that it will send shockwaves rippling through the January air, from sea to shining sea. But the I.Q. of the President doesn’t very much matter to us — really. How that I.Q. is used in the President’s job, matters somewhat more, I’d say…and Barack Obama’s quotient is not relevant to what He was put there to do.

The moral of the Rick Warren story is that Obama’s most ardent supporters don’t really want Him deciding things. As far as what should be done, they already know. His job is to sell decisions, not to make them. Because He is the “Real Deal”…the way we defined that doublet of words, here, last summer, since nobody else was or is willing to step forward and do so —

Flattering slang attached to an individual who possesses a unique ability to sell products unneeded.

Not a Messiah; not even a thinker. A salesman. This is easily proven through Barack Obama’s ability to get into trouble with his supporters for having made the wrong choice. Only a salesman can do that.

Not the last time it’s gonna happen, either.

But, as usual…you really can’t accuse Obama of having gone against a capmaign promise here, can you? He didn’t. He couldn’t have. There were none. Front to back, the entire campaign was nothing more than a tacit understanding, straddling the divide between the substantiated and the imaginary.

His Blank Slate III

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Well hey, you disillusioned Obamatons…can’t say His Divine Holiness broke a campaign promise, can ya? There were none. You didn’t require any from Him.

This is why we traditionally mill about, and drone on, about all that boring policy and position stuff every four years, and why it’s a relatively new thing to get all stuck on this “planted slut fainting in His Holy Presence” and “There’s just something about Him” personality-politics nonsense. We try to pin the candidate down, while He still is a candidate, no matter how many holy rays are emanating from His Divine Forehead. That way, He is still what is called “on record.” And then when the about-face comes along after His Holy Coronation, you can at least act betrayed.

The situation as it exists now? Eh…you don’t even have a beef with His Annointedness, nevermind whether it’s a legitimate beef to have or not. What was his platform? Hopenchange, right? That’s about it, right?

Oh well. Tried to warn you. We really tried. Now you’re all disappointed. Ah, the joy I’d be taking in it, if I wasn’t riding the same handbasket down to the hot place right along with ya.

Hat tip: Inst.

Always One Revolution Away

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Pretty priceless, although not unique, for you haven’t long to wait for the next similar specimen.

Gerard found a “Magnum Dopus” from someone who helped put Obama in the White House, and now that the Chosen One is headed there for His Coronation Ceremony next month…goldang it, somehow still isn’t happy.

Yup, some people live out their entire lives at a turning point. Lots of people. Perhaps everyone who has ever thought of supporting His Holiness. We need to have another revolution

One Revolution AwayMillions of us stood up and shouted, handed out fliers, talked to our neighbors, donated hard-earned money, and drove people to the polls for Change. We screamed, hugged, kissed, and cried when we learned Change had come to America. We knew Change wouldn’t come overnight, that it would take time, but we were excited that we had elected a man who was open to Change, who said he wanted to consider real people’s needs while in the Oval Office. We eagerly awaited the first hints of Change, as the president-elect’s transition developed.

And now, we have reason to worry that Change is not coming to America after all. For nearly two years we were encouraged to “Be the Change you want to see in America.” It is now obvious that we have a ways to go toward Being that Change. And so does President-elect Barack Obama. And that, above all else, needs to Change.

Of all the revolutions that demanded more and more precision-tuning, and still more, and more, every time someone somewhere sought to define what it was — this one has got to be the most ambiguous. Perhaps the reason it is so ambiguous, is it seems no one, anywhere, has sufficient authority to offer the definition of what exactly it is supposed to be.

Perhaps it never was anything more than a deep-seated psychological need to be bossy.

Oh well, Mr. Inglis; that part of your grand vision, if none other, will be seated on the throne and duly annointed come January 20. You can be sure of that.

Liberals Want a Refund on the Chosen One

Friday, November 28th, 2008

We’re getting a better picture of the iPresident’s incoming administration. It doesn’t look good. His own supporters aren’t terribly happy.

You know what “change” I’d like to see? I’d like to see The iPresident Messiah Man-God questioned by someone who talks exactly the way He does…”wait wait wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.” Does He lie awake late at night reading books on how to be a prick? He’s got this condescending way of talking down, like He’s trying to restore order where there previously was chaos, and meanwhile He is the one interrupting. What an asshole.

This is how He got elected. Any question not convenient to Him, He wanted treated like a child chewing dinner with his mouth hanging open, or burping at the dinner table without saying “excuse me.” That was just simply inappropriate. We don’t live in a country in which questioning our most powerful elected officials, is some kind of breach of etiquette. There are other countries like that. This country is supposed to try not to be like that. You dick.

Biden will be given nothing to do, it would seem. That genius Joe Biden, you remember him…walking encyclopedia of all this foreign-policy knowledge, so much more of an intellectual powerhouse than that dimwit Sarah Palin. Remember all that?

Aides say Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama sometimes rib each other in private meetings, and they maintain that Mr. Obama was not unduly angry at Mr. Biden for his gaffe predicting that Mr. Obama would be tested by a world crisis in his first six months in office.

Since then, however, Mr. Biden has not had much to say to the news media.

Over under the dome, the guy who’s going to be writing our nation’s tax policy, is in some tax trouble (hat tip: Jawa).

Today, two new reports indicate that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has engaged in further conduct meriting the attention of the House Ethics Committee. The New York Times has reported Rep. Rangel was instrumental in preserving a tax loophole benefitting Nabors Industries at the same time he was soliciting the company’s chief executive for a donation to the Rangel School. In a less serious but still troubling report, the Washington Post revealed Rep. Rangel took a property tax break intended for permanent primary residences on his Washington, D.C. home while declaring New York City as his permanent residence.

The Ethics Reform Act of 1989 and House rules prohibit members from asking for anything of value from “anyone who seeks official action from the House, does business with the House or has interests which may be substantially affected by the performance of official duties.” Members are also prohibited from taking official action to induce another to provide a benefit to a third party.

Well, it’s a good thing we got rid of those slimy Republicans with their corporate buddies and their loopholes and what-not…those ethically compromised Republicans. You recall that too, right? It wasn’t that long ago.

Buyers’ remorse indeed. If this election was like a handyman fixing up your kitchen, or that funny rattling noise your car was making…you’d be flipping through the yellow pages already, flailing around for someone with better references who can do the repairs all over again, right. Him, and the Better Business Bureau.

Well done, voters. You’ll have a chance to try and fix this…in about two years. God only knows what’s going to happen up until then.

His Blank Slate II

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The HOPE has something to do with the DOW coming down 1,600 points since His election…which is quite unprecedented (H/T: Rick).

The CHANGE has something to do with naming a bunch of old Clinton hacks to His transition team and cabinet.

But I really think what’s going to hurt us more than anything, is ACCOUNTABILITY: The bailout. Try this. Use Google, or whatever you want, to figure out if incoming President Obama is for it or not. Yeah, some of His comments put Him “leaning” in favor, but not to the point that He’s helplessly tethered to it should it fail, as a strong leader would be. He’s not a Captain ready to go down with the ship.

Next year’s U.S. Government, all throughout the executive branch, is going to be a fair-weather friend to the most massive treasury-giveaway in the history of the nation. They can have their cake and eat it too — claim credit if things get better, point to it as another “failed policy of the Bush administration” if it all goes south.

Which means, nobody’s really going to be burning any midnight oil to fix anything.

Change we can believe in? Change we deserve? Yes to both, it would seem…just not in the way some of us thought.

His Blank Slate

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Because when He was trying to get you to vote for Him and promised that “change,” He very seldom went on to elaborate what kind of change was being offered, did He? Now there’s a tiny bit less reason to ask. You know now.

Wall Street plunged for a second day, triggered by computer gear maker Cisco Systems warning of slumping demand and retailers reporting weak sales for October. Concerns about widespread economic weakness sent the major stock indexes down more than 4 percent Thursday, including the Dow Jones industrial average, which tumbled more than 440 points.

Major indexes have lost about 10 percent since Barack Obama was elected president — a vote preceded by a steep rally — and the losses represent the Dow’s worst two-day percentage decline since the October 1987 crash.

Two ways to look at this.

One: Oh, don’t be a silly goose! He is not the President yet, so He could not have had anything to do with this.

Two: Pretend you’re an investor; He has said He is going to spread the wealth around, which means you can’t accumulate it anymore. Remember, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a little bit tougher to accumulate wealth. He’s not raising the bar, holding investors to a loftier standard, cleaning up the gene pool. He’s going to change laws. He has made His intentions specific and plain.

When you’re an investor, it’s your job to accumulate wealth.

Stock prices are based on the anticipations of the investors, on what kind of job they think they’re going to do, in accumulating that wealth.

It’s just become something of a pointless exercise to even freakin’ try anymore. We’re not all the way there yet, but we just took a huge step. And it had a chilling effect.

One way to get the stock prices up again, might be to define how far we want to go down this road. Uncertainty is bad for the market. If we wanna go all the way — get rid of money, get rid of industry, when you need something you present your citizenship papers and some government agent just hands it to you — then let’s just declare that. If we’re only going halfway, then let’s declare that. If it’s just a li’l dab’ll do ya stuff, a little sprinkling of marxism on our capitalist sundae — then we’ll stop — then declare that.

We haven’t declared squat. Obama is a synonym for uncertainty. He has a completely blank slate, and nobody knows how far He’s going to go with this stuff. Right now He thinks you’re rich if you pull down 250k a year, but no one knows if the line is going to stay up there, or if it’s going to creep down.

He hasn’t had to commit one way or the other. He’s just so wonderful, He has not had to.

These All Come Down Off the Web Now, Right? Since Everyone Likes Us Now?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

To Remember in the Dark Days Ahead…

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

1. We will get through this. America’s brightest days are still ahead. They just won’t happen with this person, or anyone from his party, in that office…that’s all.

2. Our government is restricted from establishing a state religion. It is also restricted from infringing on any free expression thereof. So long as atheism is not enshrined as the official state religion, this is still America.

3. Regarding Point #2: You are not obliged to agree with President Obama about anything. That’s not what this election was about.

4. If you believe in something, you believe in all of it. You do not compromise on any of it, because if you do it calls into question every other article of your beliefs — even the things on which you did not compromise. That’s the McCain error here, I’m afraid.

5. The mistake the country made tonight, is part of a growing process. Keep your frustration with the child, in the moment, but retain your hope for the grown-up he’ll someday become. The electorate will learn.

6. McCain has been a class act from beginning to end. To a fault. Yes, there are narratives to the contrary. They seem to be true, because they are repeated so often. They have been repeated so often, because they needed to be. That’s the funny thing about class…down in the marrow of their bones, people truly appreciate it, but skin-deep, they’ll abandon it pretty quickly when it’s convenient. Class makes the mistake of making itself a costless enemy.

7. Tomorrow’s another day. We had to get this out of our system. Because we are not color blind. The people who make the most noise about desiring an era of color-blindness, are the ones who least desire to see it come about. This is intuitively obvious to everyone paying attention: A white guy named “Barack Hussein Obama” who’d never accomplished anything of note, with a menagerie of America-hating asshole friends, wouldn’t even have gotten this thing out of the gate. Yeah, go ahead and crucify me, Ferarro was right. Leave me alone — go take it up with the people who decided that way, for the reasons they did. Your issue is with them.

8. President Obama will be the most powerful President ever, since he’s promised absolutely nothing even while promising everything. Truly, he writes on an entirely blank slate as he writes his own legacy. But to repeat Point #1: This too shall pass. He’ll be our commander-in-chief for four years, or eight, and when it’s all over it’ll be another lesson, nothing more. Our country will survive in spite of him.

Lessons from the 2008 Election

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

1. Moderation is quite futile. People say they want it; they really don’t. McCain has been stabbed in the back by every single interest group, every single sect, every faction and sub-faction, with whom he ever compromised by “reaching across.” Had he compromised on his pro-life principles and compromised with the pro-death forces, he would’ve surely been stabbed in the back by them as well.

2. High-profile public figures can possess a powerful sex appeal and still win elections — if they’re male. So many have stepped forward to qualify their personal dislike for Sarah Palin; they’ve all done a thoroughly substandard job of this, clearly offering surface excuses for something strikingly different, churning away in the depths below. Seriously — has anyone, anywhere, been harboring long-standing animosity against women who go moose-hunting? Nope. This wasn’t about moose-hunting. In national politics, chicks can have one of the two: Frumpy or dead.

3. For some reason, people think the best about a vote cast in favor of a black guy against an old guy. I’d sure like to have someone explain that one to me. I’ve heard some frighteningly disgusting things about old people, from some of the Obama supporters I know.

4. People will flock, like moths to flame, to a way of showcasing some inner decency that is costless. Costless, meaningless, and insubstantial. I tremble for my country when I reflect that if people envisioned themselves as truly decent, such a gimmick would not be so attractive to so many of them.

5. When I visit the ocean, the salt air clears my head, makes it easier for me to think clearly. It would appear that when you actually live there, prolonged exposure induces the opposite effect.

6. Someone — PLEASE — explain to me where this notion came from that we have a problem with not enough people voting in this country. How’d that start? Who started it? And how, pray tell, did it catch on the way it did?

7. Coming-together is a nectar that satiates our appetites when we hunger for a logical plan. It is a more-than-adequate substitute…for the moment. Rather like having a fifth of vodka for dinner.

8. Democracy’s weakness is that a lot of people believe in it, only when it returns the results they wanted. It has too many fair-weather friends. This is ultimately what is going to kill it.

9. Some people love to feel oppressed, if the time is right for it. Obama’s infomercial showcased a family that’s having a tough time makin’ it…a family filled with children, in a huge house. The wife showed off the affection she has for her brood, with the etchings of her children in the rear window of her SUV. This fairly petite woman had to point up at the etchings in the window of the SUV. And the SUV…yeah, you guessed it, she was bitching about gas prices. We’re ready for a modern Rome-like fall, because we value empathy more highly than we value ingenuity. At least, today, we do.

10. Last but not least. We don’t think that highly of a temporary government. We’re ready for a king. And the very picture of the king we want, is the Wizard of Oz…the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” scene. In a popularity contest, transparency kills. We aren’t big fans of transparency. Making use of transparency means someone has to look. Looking means studying. Studying is work.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be. — Thomas Jefferson.

Closing with a repost of a clip. I’m going to call her “Ms. Election 2008,” because to me, that’s who she is. She is the symbol of this night. A little bit of hopenchange…and no necessity for critical thinking.

Hope someone sticks a microphone in her face again when she finds herself having to pay for gas and mortgage after January 20.

May Our Lesson Be Cheap

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Carter, Clinton, Obama. We need to re-learn this, it seems, over and over again, every sixteen years. Like clockwork. Like a heartbeat of stupid.