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Our Despair

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

The nation’s finances are being managed by crooks who want to get rid of the debt ceiling. Because debt ceilings are for little-people or something…you know…people out here in the “real” world, who pay taxes & stuff.

Atheists are gearing up for their annual Yuletide War against Christmas…you’ll be ridiculed if you stoop to so much as noticing it or pointing it out.

Israel is supposed to be some kind of a bully, for simply defending itself. That means the same goes for you and me; a successful bully achieves the ultimate bully objective, which is to look like the victim, and make his victim look like the bully. It’s getting easier to do.

The democrats have strong opinions about which other democrats are perfect for some powerful, respected, important and influential positions…it’s always a complete mystery what the candidate’s qualifications are supposed to be, nobody ever seems to provide any answers about this, nor are they pressed to.

We have a new legal principle that says if your efforts might be considered to have something to do with the “public interest” then you can break the law (hat tip to Sonic Charmer).

The men’s voices are an octave higher than in 1950, and the women sound like kazoos.” (Hat tip to Gerard.) Yes, that pretty much nails it doesn’t it. That eardrum-burning Hillary-Clinton-duckbill nasal resonance, you can’t get away from it. Sweet dulcet tones from a female voice box, that’s as much a thing of the past as the headlight dimmer switch by your left toe. Evidently that’s considered too submissive now, and being submissive and soothing-of-tone is now a man’s job.

Dirty Jobs is canceled.

Although the new James Bond movie was a heap of fun and much better than the previous, the plot holes are rather massive and the new Q is roughly half my age, which is bumming me out.

The on-again off-again campaign to put Wonder Woman in long pants, always a reliable indicator of the waxing & waning influence of negative nasty people, may have subsided for the time being but I’m sure it’s going to come up again, any week now.

Taxmageddon is coming. More taxes, more taxes! Some people can’t get enough of it; their motives remain a complete mystery, but they might get their way nevertheless. And President Obama is the worst of the lot. Did we just have a divorce, or an election?

Steven Goddard has managed to detect a pattern, and I’m afraid he’s on to something. Worse yet, I’m afraid that as a sales job, it’s working just great and that means we should expect to see the pattern continue, and continue & continue some more.

Just figured out the reason I can’t find out how many seasons there “were” to Jersey Shore is: It’s not past-tense, they’re still making it. Let that sink in for a minute. Dirty Jobs canceled, dirty Jersey sluts still going strong.

But…you saw Passion of the Christ, right? How hopeless was that? And you remember who won? It’s got to do with spirituality, and it also has something to do with vision. So check that vision, and keep your chin up.

“Quit Obsessing!”

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

From the Columbus Dispatch.

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