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So Much Fake Stuff

Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Like the electrical power in Texas, public trust in our officials and our institutions is down at crisis levels. And much like the Texas power shortage, this public trust shortage is widely regarded as a spontaneous thing. We like to think of it in passive-voice terms, with no subject to the sentence, no one bearing any responsibility for cratering the quantity of this essential asset. Of course we’re not thinking of it that way because it’s true; we’re thinking of it that way because any inspection of who is responsible, would prove inconvenient to those who brandish the power of telling us what opinions to have.

These crises are hurting people though. Others are doing a better job of looking into the cause of the Texas problem than I could. I shall leave it to them. They’re closer. But on the other problem, the public trust problem, I’m square in the middle of it. I’m a member of the public. And I do not trust. I have reasons not to trust, so let’s look into them because I’m not alone.

I am sure Joe Biden’s election was a sham, and I’m convinced of it because I was awake when the votes were rolling in to those six battleground states. I was tuned in to the daily news in the days following Fraud Day, November 3rd, and I remember the states flipping. I remember how they flipped. In short, I’m not an Etch a Sketch with my contents conveniently erased when someone shakes me. That was fraud. The other thing that convinces me is the behavior of those who want me to believe in the legitimacy of the election. They do not act like it. Their rebuttals are the arguments you use on morons. “No evidence!!” Hey, how about some evidence we have an election system we can trust? It’s too late not to shut down the counting centers, kick people out of them who should be there…and then keep counting game-changing votes. That damage is done. They shouldn’t have done it. And where’s our press asking these kinds of questions? Oh…they’re “fact checking.” Yeah that’s real convincing. So I count this as fakery.

President Biden’s message of unity is fake. He won only just barely and he’s spent his first month signing a zillion executive orders that are raising the price of gas and getting rid of jobs. Why are we pretending he cares?

His mandate is fake. It is a flaw in the design of our system that his party has the House of Representatives, the Senate, the White House. All of these were won by statistical flukes and thus do not capture the public will.

The climate crisis is back in the spotlight again. It seems now that there’s real hope for curing the China Virus thanks to the Trump Vaccine, it’s time to swivel back to the Gore Scam. For the last year, there hasn’t been any such crisis. Someone, somewhere is laboring under the heavy burden of making sure we’re frightened out of our wits, and running around like panicked idiots, over exactly one thing at a time. And we’re laboring under the heavy burden of pretending not to notice. Well I’m glad everyone’s succeeding!

Oh, but scientific consensus and what not. Am I the only one who’s sat in a committee or team in a stuffy conference room and watched these consensuses get formed? The very notion of a “consensus” is fake. It’s like sausage, you don’t want to watch it being made. The consensus is fake and so is the expertise of those who have been invited to form the consensus. Mentally enfeebled teenagers from Sweden are considered, by those who decide such things, as “experts” because they have such passionate opinions. We’re not supposed to notice that?

The wisdom of those who run things, is fake. Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s signing. We have fact checks, that interview experts who say the audio is unclear. Yes that’s where we are now. “Experts” are telling us what we heard. The sense of leadership is fake. The leaders pay no price for making the wrong decision. When the people making decisions pay no price for being wrong, they’re not leading, they’re playing, just fiddling with knobs and levers like a baby in a playpen. Again, we’re not supposed to notice? Their desire for law and order is fake. They don’t know if they’re truly opposed to destructive rioting, until they first figure out if the goal of the riot leans to the political right or to the political left. Once they figure that out, they know all about what to think of it; they don’t need to know anything else!

The protests are all fake. We don’t know for sure the five W’s of these things being coordinated last summer — I’m sure there are a lot of business owners who would love to know — because we don’t have a “free press” that asks the five W’s anymore. Our press sucks so we’re flying blind. But we can know coordination when we see it. Aggravated concerned youths in hundreds of cities didn’t spontaneously rise up and decide to use the phrase “systemic police racism” in all their isolated enclaves. Systemic police racism has to be fake because we don’t have a “police system.” The “hate crimes,” we know for sure, really are fake. The outrage is fake.

These lingering questions of “Isn’t The Right just as bad as The Left” in the aftermath of the Capitol Penetration, are all fake. The premise is fake. There is no position on the ideological spectrum that will imbue its adherents with immunity from the vices of human passion, because we’re all humans and humans are all flawed. There is, however, a position on the ideological spectrum that will make its adherents particularly susceptible — and it’s the other one, The Left. People feel emboldened to challenge that now? Yes, they do, by the millions, but they’re not challenging it honestly. If we’re arguing honestly, we can’t even argue it. The Left is all about whipping people up into frenzies and letting them break things. We spent all last year watching it.

The impeachments against Donald Trump — both of them — were fake. They weren’t serious. You can tell by the timelines. The first one wasn’t delivered to the Senate for nearly a month. Which isn’t serious. That was some sort of three-dimensional chess move on the part of Grey Goose Nancy, which must not have worked because she didn’t repeat it on the second go ’round. But the democrats dropped both of these like hot potatoes when they were no longer convenient. When it takes the Senate less time to acquit from an impeachment than it takes to get the articles delivered to them, that’s not serious, that’s fake.

Masks work to slow the spread of the China Virus — that much is genuine. Defending these “experts” whose recommendations have slid around and flopped back and forth as we learn more about this novel virus, I like to sum it up as: “We started out thinking the big danger was uncleaned surfaces, but it’sSNOT.” Hehehe. Yes, microscopic droplets of snot flying through the air, that’s the big danger, and it looks like this finding isn’t going to be in need of reform. So you should wear your mask if Trikiniyou’re going to be indoors in a crowd. Here’s the thing though: Why are you indoors in a crowd? Are you displaying symptoms? You should be home then. Are you not displaying symptoms? The science is wobbly on asymptomatic transmission, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. But why are you wearing a mask on the jogging trail? Why are you wearing one riding your bike? Wearing a mask when you’re by yourself is fake and phony. Stop signaling. Or keep signaling, but be aware that it looks like what it is, useless, fake virtue signaling.

The death counts are fake. Dr. Birx was crystal clear about it: If you die with the China Virus, they count that as dying from it. Then a few months later Dr. Fauci settled the matter definitively, in that way he does…

Fauci told the ABC program “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that the CDC guidance, last updated on Aug. 26, indicates that of the people who have died from the virus, “a certain percentage of them had nothing else but just Covid.” However, people with underlying illnesses also die from Covid-19, he said.

“That does not mean that someone who has hypertension or diabetes who dies of Covid didn’t die of Covid-19. They did…So the numbers you’ve been hearing — there are 180,000-plus deaths — are real deaths from Covid-19. Let (there) not be any confusion about that.” [emphasis mine]

I never did have any confusion about “If you die with the ‘vid you die from the ‘vid.” Eaten by shark — COVID death. Girlfriend’s husband blows your head off with a shotgun — COVID death. Motorcycle crash — COVID death. But our leading expert tells me to go ahead and believe the numbers. “Let there not be confusion” is, in & of itself, a fake statement. He means let there not be any doubts…and let there not be any where there should be some.

Meanwhile, Tony-The-Tyrant Fauci is the highest-paid person in our federal government. The highest paid one out of all of them, including the President. But if you want to believe bureaucrats are not incentivized in any way to exploit a crisis…go ahead and believe that too, I guess, I can’t stop you.

“We’re all in this together” is fake.

Two weeks to flatten the curve — was, and is, fake. It’s a whole year old. A year.

The WHO is fake and phony. There is a reason Trump acted to defund them. China is fake and phony, even now pushing out fantasy-porn about the United States infecting China, with their virus.

Eleven months ago all us working stiffs were pigeonholed into “essential” and “non-essential” personnel…that’s fake. If your family depends on your job, the job is not non-essential. The process of doing this was fake, since the people making the decisions about others weren’t producing anything. When unproductive people are sending productive people home, that’s fake. But the move hit hard, because a lot of these jobs were fake. What we learned is that those of us who have options, should have been asking more questions about the jobs we held — could they have been classified as non-essential, if disaster struck. I’m in that crowd too. My own job was classified non-essential…then a system crashed and I became essential.

Our new President being able to speak, is a fake idea. He can’t. Television has done this to us. We elect Presidents, and the Presidents have made their careers reading from teleprompters, so whenever and wherever the President speaks we have to put up a teleprompter. Roughly half of these guys can deal with the disaster if the teleprompter happens to fail. The other half can’t. And we just accept this. Now to be clear, the ability to speak off-the-cuff isn’t rigidly connected to having good ideas or good values. (The idea that it is the same, would be fake.) But if you really have to rehearse and script, and you can’t get away from it, you’re probably a flim-flam man and we should never have accepted this. But television is powerful, we did accept it, and so we have these fake “wonderful speakers” who are actually terrible at it, and often the reason they’re terrible at it is they’re trying to sell us fake, phony lies.

Presidents do all sorts of things with “executive orders” now. Presidents of both parties. They’re actually making laws, which is supposed to be Congress’ job. How is it they’re able to do this? It’s because Congress doesn’t do it’s job. We have Separation of Powers in this country, but that’s something that’s supposed to be invoked all of the time, be it convenient or not. The truth is, whenever everyone in power can agree that it’s not convenient to invoke it, we don’t have it. We have fake Separation of Powers.

Texas is in trouble because of fake energy sources. They’ve got these fake energy sources down there because they’ve got fake Texans. Californians voted like idiots, here in California where I am, they ruined the state to the point where they can’t hack it anymore, then they moved to Texas and voted like idiots over there. Texas came close to rolling over for Biden, which they didn’t do, but one thing they did do is manage their energy the blue-state way: Move on to phony-baloney energy sources before the phony-baloney energy sources were fully able to handle the load. And here we are.

Bill Gates’ beef is fake. No thanks! Kill some cows for me, I like the real thing.

The schools are fake. At least, that one district is…their board members were caught saying these things about the parents, because of a fluke. The “If you call me out I will fuck you up” lady asked if their session was closed and private, and she got back the wrong answer. Oops! Okay. So how many other school districts have this rancid attitude. In how many other districts have things rotted away, to this extent, and we don’t know about it because a similar mistake did not get made? It’s the question that should be on everyone’s minds. But we’re barely even talking about it, and by Monday morning it will be all but forgotten. Obviously educating the children is not a priority. And here we have a “consensus” that must be genuine, since I listened to the whole recording and I didn’t hear anyone say “Hey hey now, let’s check ourselves” or anything like that. How angry are the parents getting over this stuff? Angry enough? Are we teaching the children what they need to know to have successful adult lives, or just going through the motions?

We have this exploding, fast, busy proliferation of “learning disabilities” in our schools that are fake. They’re re-defining everything about this and what little “science” is attached to it is writhing around like a dying earthworm on a hot sidewalk — not for reasons science should be moving around. They’re not learning that much that’s new. All they’re really learning about is new ways to game the system and fool the parents, but they’re changing the definitions of everything that matters. What’s a psychotropic drug, what’s the “Autistic spectrum,” what the tell-tale symptoms are for this, or that, how to be “sure” of it. What they’re really uncovering is new ways to diagnose more kids and make more money.

Do I even need to say anything about “fact checking”? Last week I had a liberal debating me on the telephone…”winning” the argument by pointing out that a quote I provided was “missing context.” The fog of proxy embarrassment filled the room. By now, anyone who’s been paying even a casual level of attention knows “missing context” means “My fact checker bosses tasked me to falsify this, and nothing about it is false so here I am not knowing what to do.” Fake, fake, fake.

Feminism is fake. It was supposed to be all about putting men and women on an even playing field, fulfilling the grandest ambitions of both, and supposedly it would be in the interest of fathers and sons to support it because patriarchy hurt males too. That was the selling point. Did the delivery match the promise? Feminist attacks on men have become commonplace, even expected. The sales pitch worked, phony as it was, precisely because most men are not what feminists make us out to be. We have no desire for little girls to grow up into stilted, stunted, handicapped women, chained up in the kitchen cooking food and making babies. We want all children to be empowered to grow up into the most capable adults they can possibly be. However, my addendum to this is “But if your slogan follows the template ‘[blank] is female’ then you can cram it.” Men and boys weren’t supposed to have to pay a price for this new empowerment of girls and women. Indeed, those of us who worried about such a thing, were routinely castigated as kookburgers. Well, we were right, and the castigation was fake and phony. Even though it hasn’t stopped!

President Biden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and so was his predecessor Donald Trump. President Obama actually won it…and for not doing anything. Fake, fake, fake!

Crybullies have a lot to do with why there’s so much fakery around. These are bullies particularly skilled in acting like victims. That’s a core requirement of what bullying is supposed to be, you know: Always fool the bystanders, particularly the authority figures, into thinking your intended bully-victim is the “real bully” and that you, as the bully, are the “real victim.” It’s become commonplace. Get triggered, talk about your feelings a lot, whine and cry on camera…get someone cancelled. Then puff out your chest and brag about it. Whine and snivel about your next target, repeat the process. So dishonorable. So fake. But we just accept this.

We can’t even tell hope and fear apart from each other anymore. Next time someone expresses hope, take a good long look at what they have to say. A good portion of the time, maybe most of the time, you’ll see they’re not talking about hope at all, they’re talking about fear. They live in fear and what they’re spreading is fear. They want others to live in fear. They actually enjoy doing it.

Too many among us look down upon people who ask appropriate questions about things, people who wait awhile before believing the latest canard, with the same snotty derision a reasonable person reserves for the gullible. They treat healthy, balanced skepticism as if it’s gullibility. If they take the same story to a more credulous person who falls for it without asking the appropriate questions, they find their desired audience and they shower praise on that person as if he were a robust, capable thinker…just because he’s believing what he’s told. This rubs off on people. We have embarked on this path of treating gullibility as if it’s skepticism, and skepticism as if it’s gullibility.

Back to the original, inconvenient question: Who is responsible for public trust in our officials and our institutions reaching this low nadir? Obviously the officials and institutions are to blame, directly, but indirectly — we are. We did this to ourselves. We are surrounded, on all sides, by things that are pretending to be other things…in many cases, pretending to be the exact opposite of what they really are…because we have asked for this. Our lesson here is that you can’t be neutral on this stuff. You can’t merely tolerate it. To quietly allow it is to submit to it, and to submit to it is to approve of it. We’re surrounded by fakery because we have tacitly approved of the fakery, and it didn’t start a year or two ago. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s been a process of ask for a little leeway, get back a “Mmmm yeah okay whatever,” then then asking for a little bit more. It’s a problem of life, limb and honor. Time was when your honor was at stake if you went around saying things that weren’t true, and if you believed things you were told that weren’t true, you risked life and limb. We have adapted, downward, to a newer situation in which none of those things are on the table, so we don’t value truth the way we used to value it.

It’s a worthy thing to ponder now when we’re wondering what we can do to help ourselves, and others who are worse-off than we are. We’ve got a lot of problems because we haven’t been preventing them. We as a society have not been conducting ourselves, in the middle of making important decisions, as if these decisions really matter and so now we’re surrounded by scavengers, parasites and grifters because we’ve invited them.

Should I Even Bother Watching

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Seems both sides agree the prosecution did a far better job.

I think I know why: They care about the outcome just about as much as I do, which is hardly at all. I’ve yet to see it mentioned that Trump’s interested in running for President again and pulling a Grover Cleveland, if the option is available to him.

As far as legacy, it’s: Congress impeached him twice but failed to convict both times, versus Congress impeached him twice and ultimately convicted him. Either way, history shows Trump proved we don’t need our political class, and our political class was so childish about being shown up that they couldn’t handle it.

I fail to see how the Senate is deciding anything of any importance here.

I’m a Man

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

I’m a man. I don’t know, or care, how to “identify” as anything else.

My voice is a natural baritone. I may raise the pitch if I’m trying to sing along to something, but if it gets too far away from me I’m going to drop it down an octave. I’m not going to warble away above middle-C until my throat’s sore just because you feel threatened or triggered. If your parents never taught you to listen to a natural male voice that’s not my problem.

I’m white, straight, six-foot-even and I still possess all twenty-one digits. Not ashamed.

You don’t tell me I have to “get on board” with something or else you’ll leave me behind. Go ahead and leave me behind.

I’m willing to reconsider my opinion if you have facts or a compelling argument to present. You don’t tell me what to think.

I’m not going to try to annoy you or anybody else on purpose. Not unless you or they have already been trying to tick me off on purpose. But I’m not going to try to keep up with rules, rules, rules that are being rewritten every hour of every day just to make offenders out of people who are otherwise inoffensive. Cram that.

Cram your “double masks,” too.

I’m not interested in political correctness. If you have to stick an adjective in front of correctness, you’re really talking about being wrong.

I’m not interested in social justice. If you have to stick an adjective in front of justice, you’re really talking about injustice.

The Other WomanI think men and women are different because they are. This doesn’t mean I treat either one of them unfairly. All in all, I treat both of them more fairly than any of you who are chasing your tails struggling to pretend they’re the same.

I have accomplished things and I have enjoyed advantages as I pursue my efforts. I am not at all ashamed of this. For these “privileges” I have something in place of shame that used to be a common thing: gratitude. Mind-blowing, huh? I’m grateful to my parents, my teachers, my filthy rich bosses, everybody who taught me how to do stuff even accidentally, my ancestors and the forefathers who brought forth this great nation. Hey you know what, I’ve had disadvantages too. I thought about them a lot before I triumphed over them, and after winning out over them I stopped thinking about them. That’s worked out pretty well for me. I recommend that.

I’ve been not-watching football since before not-watching was cool.

I find pretty women appealing. No, I’m not ashamed of that either. Supple, sensuous thighs, heaving bulbous bosom, I just might get whiplash looking although I’ll try to be polite about it. It’s the way God built me. I like shooting guns. I like eating meat. I prefer to fix things myself over calling the repairman. I’d rather build things than buy them, if I can. I like my jokes dirty. I like my beer cold.

Don’t even think about telling me what opinion to have about Placeholder Joe’s stolen election.

You perfect-worlders who want to build your Utopia by indoctrinating the youth, and then waiting around for the hidebound troglodytes to die off so your vision can be complete: I am of the latter. I’m not your puppet. You don’t hold my strings. The sooner you figure that out the better things are going to go between us. It’s too late to fool me about any of this. I know too much.

No sale here. Try the next. Best of luck.

What’s Most Convincing

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Leftists who want to have all the election fraud evidence lined up so they can knock it over item by item by item, are just adorable. It looks like they want to debunk just three to five items — to their own satisfaction, not to anybody else’s — announce their check-mate, and if they don’t get immediate capitulation, announce to everyone in earshot something like “See? Nothing will ever convince this guy.”

They don’t understand. There are five big bundles of evidence.

1. The stuff at Here Is The

2. Everything in Mike Lindell’s video at Michael J.

3. The anomalies, statistical anomalies, the failure of the bellwether counties, the enthusiasm and crowd sizes of the Trump gatherings, “Basement Joe,” counties won by Trump vs. Biden, counties won by Obama in 2008 and 2012, vs. Biden, etc….contrasted with these “official” results

4. The behavior of their champions in the White House, Congress, federal agencies, districts attorney, judicial offices, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada

5. Their own behavior

These are not listed in order of importance or persuasive effect. If anything, the bottom two are the most convincing out of all of it. I struggle to think of a single difference between the behavior we would be seeing out of those named above, given the premise that the election was stolen, and the behavior that we are in fact seeing. And I struggle to think of a single thing we would be seeing, given the premise that the election was legitimate and honest — that even vaguely resembles anything we’ve been seeing.

Their narrative says the 2020 election was squeaky clean whereas the 2016 election was contaminated due to “Russian meddling.” That would have to mean something was fixed. Robert Mueller showed us exactly what it looks like when democrats prepare and present fixes to things. That was less than impressive. We saw in the Iowa caucus last year what it looks like when democrats count things. Also less than impressive. Based on that, we know whatever confidence there must be in the integrity of the 2020 election, is all theater: How are you preparing and implementing fixes that are impressive to you, when you can’t prepare and present fixes that are impressive to anyone else?

Their rebuttal to all of this is the stuff you get when people on their side are painted into corners and run out of arguments: Threats. Orders about what to say and what not to say. Social pummeling. Ominous prognostications about some new pariah status that is about to enshroud you if you don’t DROP. IT. RIGHT. NOW.

Yeah…that’s convincing. We’ll file that in the bottom one.

Capitol Penetration Questions

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

I’m seeing a lot of confrontation both on & off social media, in the wake of this thing that happened a month ago that we’re supposed to think of as an “insurrection.” The problem with using that word is that it presumes motive. If we stick to the facts, and define exactly what was out of the ordinary about it, it’s a penetration. Opinions vary on how much it was forced.

It’s clear there is an effort underway to associate any residual Trump support with domestic terrorism. How organized is this? It doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t have to be organized. A lot of people who voted against Donald Trump want their new world, or their old world, of no-fighting, no conflict, nobody calls anybody “losers,” soothing pastel colors, puppies, rainbows, unicorns, etc….but they still want to be able to call their Trump supporting parents, children, colleagues and fellow citizens fringe-kooky whackadoodles and worse. So they confront us with the QAnon theories — which, if you’re like me, you hadn’t heard spelled out clearly before this year started. Maybe you’re being asked “Do you support this stuff?” or “Are you trying to overthrow the government?”

This coming week Trump is tried in the Senate. We could debate the constitutionality of that, but that’s rather useless as the Senate is gonna go ahead and do it.

This is a good thing. It means we get to ask some questions back to the confronters, who are asking their questions of us.

1. How do you incite a riot, or insurrection, or whatever, to be carried out by people who already brought equipment for doing the rioting? I am of the opinion that this exonerates Trump immediately. You’re ready to do some breaking and some hurting, or else you’re not. If you’re not, but you decided to go ahead and do it because the guy standing next you wanted to do it, it isn’t going to matter what some elected official is saying in a speech. And if you are ready because you brought your pipe bombs with you, again, the speech isn’t going to matter.

2. How do you define the dangerous speech that incites this behavior? If you want to prosecute something, you have to define what it is. I like to make this point by replying to the critic (it really doesn’t matter what they said just before) “This latest thing you said makes me want to grab a brick and throw it through a window. When I do it, it’s on you. Seriously though…do you see the problem now?”

3. Have you been compelled to change your mind about anything since those flawed early reports? There have been some twists & turns in the running narratives. Any zealots who can’t entertain doubts about what they think…the rest of us will have to entertain those doubts for them.

4. Since there is less than full culpability to be placed on those who did the rioting, is this not a referendum against the electoral reforms that the states made just before the election? It’s hard to think of a more scathing indictment to be made against Vote By Mail, than this: The end result was violent rioting due to historically low confidence in the electoral results. So how should a reasonable person view this. As a success?

5. Don’t you think it’s deceptive to use phrases like “a violent protest in which five people died” without disclosing the rioters weren’t directly responsible for hurting anyone? And all of the dead were Trump supporters?

6. Do you agree there was fraud but not enough to change the outcome of the election? How and why? How do you quantify the fraud? Are you comparing it to the national popular vote?

7. Should Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be censured or punished in any way for lying? She certainly does have her defenders, but everyone arguing honestly about it would have to concede she was at least highly deceptive.

8. Is it dangerous to voice doubts about Biden’s victory, or about election integrity, even when those doubts are sincere? It wasn’t so long ago liberals wanted us to “question authority.”

9. How confident should we be about the integrity of our elections?

10. Would you say there were significant problems with integrity or foreign influence in the 2016 elections? Has anything been fixed since then? It seems to me like it’s a lot more reasonable to think the 2016 elections were trustworthy and the 2020 elections were not, as opposed to the other way around. We didn’t pick Vote By Mail because it made the best sense or yielded the most trustworthy results; we were cornered into it by the Chinese Virus.

11. Do you agree with Congresswoman Maxine Waters that Trump should be charged with premeditated murder? After all, these “Do you support this?” questions should be a two-way street if they’re going to be asked at all. And charging someone with premeditated murder would necessitate proving the existence of a plan. This seems like a rather dicey plan.

12. Do you think Waters should be held responsible for calling for confrontations against Trump supporters and harassment of administration officials? Pot, meet kettle.

13. Is there a danger here that one major political party will be allowed to call for confrontations and harassment, and the other won’t? I think most Americans agree with me: There ought to be free speech, there ought to be accountability for those who are abusing this right (just like any other right can be abused)…but the playing field should be level. But just as there are people willing to break things and hurt people, there are people who don’t want a level playing field.

14. What do you suppose the democrats are trying to hide with these repeated efforts to get rid of Trump? After all, it’s not like Washington DC is a Mount Olympus with cerebral ideas and harmony and congeniality with Trump gone.

15. Should we allow people to talk in public about vote count anomalies, voting machine problems, etc.? Should we allow people to speculate that maybe Trump won the election after all? Don’t people have the right to speak freely? If they don’t, how do we prosecute them? Gets back to the point made earlier about defining this dangerous speech. Prosecuting it without defining it would be a lot more dangerous than not prosecuting it.

16. Why do you think the BLM riots turned violent last year? If they were infiltrated by outside groups, why should we not think the Trump supporting crowd was not similarly infiltrated? There is some evidence suggesting this was exactly the case.

17. What do you have to say about the many Trump events that did not turn violent? There have been quite a few of them.

18. Do you agree with the idea that if destructive individuals in the BLM protests had been more consistently punished the Capitol Penetration would not have happened? There is a name for this: Broken Windows theory. It is, as the young people say, “a thing.”

19. Does Vice President Kamala Harris bear any responsibility for her bail fund? If this is all about cause and effect, I have some sincere trouble envisioning her skating free on this thing if Trump is supposed to be convicted. How do you square that circle?

20. Is it more serious when unproductive politicians are deterred from their activities, than when businesses are deterred from doing the things that pay the politicians’ salaries? But I suppose we should all be elated that our friends, the liberals, have finally figured out destructive rioting is a bad thing. Baby steps!