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Load a Big Rocket Ship With [blank] and Blast it Into the Sun

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Further thoughts on the post previous, in which I conjured up yet one more tortured metaphor…

That’s really where it started. With the idea that all of our problems can be solved if we just load up everything that is masculine and rough-n-tumble into a great big rocket ship, and fire it into the sun.

Context is key. The people I’m targeting are not women. Not exclusively women, anyway. They’re not even all feminists. In fact, I would go on to say they’re not even true-believers, investing any genuine faith in the idea described.

The problem is broader than that, in fact, it’s broader even than the destructive urge against “everything that is masculine and rough-n-tumble.” The problem is the urge itself. Back in the day, we weren’t supposed to discuss religion, sports or politics in divided company; we’ve busted the taboo wide open as far as politics are concerned now. The consequence of that has been enlightening overall, if not productive or successful. Some would say it’s been a complete fustercluck, a living parable that illustrates why the taboo existed in the first place. Perhaps, perhaps not, but either way it has emerged that most people are not very good at discussing politics, or for that matter forming solid opinions about politics.

They/we may write, or monologue, some sort of manifesto — which all too often, boiled down to its essentials, amounts to nothing more than “What we really need to do is load up a big rocket ship with all the [blank] and fire it into the sun.” Some say that about Republicans, some say it about lawyers, men, women, LGBT, “corporate fat cats,” illegal aliens…oh, the politicians, yes the politicians. Pro-lifers, pro-aborts, hippies, hipsters, yuppies, yumpies, boomers, X-ers, millennials…

Some will say I am the target of my own criticism with regard to liberals. I’m sure it looks that way to many, but, one: 1 Cor 4:3-4. Two: Here we come to the heart of the matter. The problem comes with the lack of foresight, lack of vision for how things are going after the sunspot dissipates — where does that leave us. I entertain no delusions that all our problems would go away if the liberals burned up in the sun. It would fix nothing. Although, it might make an environment in which the fixes could take place.

Our various problems with society and with foreign relations, are like a busted or missing cog in a fine, delicate, tiny and expensive timepiece, disassembled and waiting for the skilled repairman to go to work. Spread out on a big bed. Liberals are like a spoiled and sugared-up five-year-old jumping on the bed. How’s that for a metaphor. Point is, their presence is not the problem. Their influence is the problem. They meddle where their whole way of thinking, their whole Weltanschauung, does not belong.

As for the rest of us: We need to learn to perceive this important distinction, and to act on it. The difference between removing something from a situation that prolongs or exacerbates a problem, and actually fixing the problem. Those two are two different things.

Doing Things the Ladies’ Way

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Joe Getty of Armstrong and Getty engaged in a delicious rant Friday morning, or Thursday, or something. You remember that late-night fight that Mr. and Mrs. Incredible had about their kid “graduating” from the fourth grade; it was inspired by that. There’s a certain silliness about this time of year, which we did not so reliably encounter in the recent past, and that silliness is in these graduation ceremonies for kids who haven’t graduated yet. They are moving from the [blank] grade to the [blank] grade, and for that we are to have “graduation ceremonies.”

When the subject moved on to baseball games for six-year-olds, well…it became unavoidable to finally, finally, target with laser precision the true cause of the problem. And Mr. Getty was forced to issue the proper disclaimers. I was driving, so I couldn’t take notes. Wish I could. It was a perfect disclaimer, in the sense that it didn’t diminish the core message. The gist of it: Joe Getty is pro-woman, AND pro-man, but the object of their scorn is evidence that we’ve been doing too much the ladies’ way. The graduation ceremony that was not a graduation ceremony, after all, couldn’t even live up to being a phony-graduation-ceremony. It was a fashion show.

If we were culturally allowed, more often, to challenge the beneficial effects of such a spectacle, the challenges would be plenty and the defenses against them would be weak, perhaps entirely ineffectual. Is it good for kids to make them feel like they’ve accomplished something? Doubtful. This thing the experts call “self-esteem” does not seem to be in short supply now; if there are problems with it, the problems could be more credibly observed to be with its abundance, than with its scarcity. And the public has become aware. “Participation trophy” has become a well-known phrase now, and not a flattering one.

This era is past its zenith now, that’s a good thing. But a decline can last a good long time. And we can’t fault the women for keeping it going. Gender-neutrality is the norm now, and the truth is that out of all the most zealous-feminist people I’ve seen who have some everyday effect on us, acting out their mission to destroy masculinity wherever they find it, very few of them are women.

I was noticing in the post previous that in our entertainment media, the “western” is not what it used to be. Over on the Hello Kitty of Blogging I’ve seen, participated in, and occasionally started some discussions about why the Star Wars prequel movies suck so much compared to the originals. My position is that out of all that’s different, the most hurtful thing is the conference-room-scene. Hours and hours of actors with rubber masks on standing around in circles, talking about things. A big table, twelve or twenty bodies in the room, only two or three with any speaking lines at all, and someone intoning “Good, then it’s settled!” at the end of it. Gag. Quick, name a plot-point in the prequel movies, that was not defined this way. Anakin got fried in the third one, that’s about it. Everything else got decided in a conference room. That’s excruciating to an audience. And — it isn’t a western. Someone was pointing out, CylarZ I think it was, that part of what made the original movies so much fun was that they were westerns, battles between pure good and pure evil, decided out of necessity by way of force.

That’s essentially what a western is. Evil makes the problem, Good comes up with the solution. Good settles the injustice by way of superior force, but only because of absolute necessity; Evil creates the necessity. That’s not womanly enough for us, nowadays. We have to have these conference room scenes, with a dozen people in a big round room, ten of them completely silent. If it is necessary to create a more profound sense of drama and suspense, the formulation has come to be to have more than a dozen. A thousand is better than a hundred, of course, and once you get into the thousands you rely on the magic of CGI. Great. Now you have actors, in rubber masks, gathered around enormous fancy tables in round rooms, delivering lines in front of CGI dopplegangers who are far more quiet and deferential than anyone you’ll ever see in real life. It’s all very bland and boring. On top of that, we’ve lost this contrast between good and evil. We’ve become overly enamored of these stories with good guys who are really bad (they spend too much time at work and place too much importance on making money), and bad guys who are really good (they have to rob this bank because a mysterious, shadowy syndicate has kidnapped their daughter…or, they have to steal the Declaration of Independence in order to save it).

Women, by and large, don’t want this. That’s the irony. Women like manly men, who eat steak and drink beer, and know how to kill spiders, fix cars, build furniture, and who appreciate the soft skin and supple curves of a womanly-woman. A man who knows and recognizes the difference between good and evil, and will take the initiative to act in the cause of good. A man who can and will defend them against danger if need be. They want what’s been cleared away, for decades now, in a risible marketing-effort to pander to their tastes.

It has not gone well, because the effort was not guided by women-at-large, only by the advocates who bothered to do some advocating. The loudest ones. The pinheads who don’t want to see anything, anywhere, that isn’t part of their tiny world. That’s really where it started. With the idea that all of our problems can be solved if we just load up everything that is masculine and rough-n-tumble into a great big rocket ship, and fire it into the sun. The results we have seen, in hindsight, are the results we should have expected to have seen. They are the consequences of getting rid of something without stopping to ask why it was put there in the first place. Kids learning en masse at age six that baseball is a boring game and a fashion show, will ultimately make those problems worse and not better.

Making This Thing Look More Like That Thing

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Planning my bike route last night, I noticed there was a “New Google Maps” which looks more like Bing. And so Mrs. Freeberg had to put up with yet one more rant.

Nobody took the time to ask me. They never do. This suggests a lack of importance on my part, which would actually be my preference; but let me ask this one thing. If I am so unimportant, then why is it that every time this-thing is made to look more like that-thing, it is a constant and consistent observation of mine that the thing being changed was so much higher on my unimportant list of personal preferences, than the that-other-thing? The thing to which it is being changed?

What could explain that, other than some sadistic power-broker huddled in a back room somewhere saying to a room full of other power-brokers — Morgan likes this thing and he doesn’t like that other thing, so let’s get moving.

Make James Bond more like Jason Bourne. Make Star Wars movies more like C-SPAN. Make *all* of the police-procedural dramas on the teevee, look like Law And Order. Make all the talk shows look like The View. Make not-Apple products look more like Apple products.

I guess they’re all just little reminders that the universe is not my personal property. We can all use such a reminder now & then; some of us, more than others. But there is more to it than that. As Scott Adams pointed out three years ago, it’s likely to have an effect on us when we never have to be bored. It’s the bunny-trails in life, the paths not tread, the avenues without asphalt. Not too many people are looking at those anymore. There’s no reason to.

Entertainment merely sheds the best light on what is happening to us, making this effect upon our behavior most pronounced. Entertainment is most expensive. And, risky. The producers of the entertainment want a built-in audience.

And we seem to be living in an age in which the largest and most lucrative audiences, have no objections to offer if everything they’re seeing is something they’ve seen before. Recently. Repeatedly.

None of this is cause for concern, I suppose, except one thing: The reaction we have lately when we make make the increasingly rare acquaintance of something, or someone, outside of this narrow confine of our Apple-Starbucks-The-View urban cocoon. It was not so long ago that people would generally find such a thing refreshing. Perhaps, in the outlying areas, they still do. But the urban, modern living is becoming more sharply and crisply defined, the “footprint” of such living shrinking into a pencil-sized dot of expectations, enforced daily and dogmatically.

The expected consumer of such goods is, therefore, also becoming more crisply defined; this is both a cause and an effect. S/He is not me. This is more like an anti-Morgan. Someone who likes movie westerns only if the gunfighter looks like a hipster douchebag, and when s/he turns on the teevee s/he completely loses it if the forum is not always the same big table with four or five women clustered around it, clutching big gaudy coffee cups in their manicured claws, talking over each other.

I feel more pity than envy toward such a creature. What’s it like to live in a society that panders to your most tangential preferences minute by minute, year after year? Doesn’t the day ever come where they find themselves wanting something that everybody else doesn’t necessarily want? This, I infer, would be a jarring experience to someone unaccustomed to it. What happens then? That would be a personal-decision-point, I guess. It couldn’t be anything else. They’d learn to push past the pain and start thinking for themselves, or else they’d succumb and get reined back in, back into the world of chocolate mocha frothy drinks at McDonald’s. Much more often the latter than the former. A gilded cage.

Meanwhile, my “center map here” command has gone missing, and zoom seems to be broken. I’m glad they’re continuing to get and see only what they expect to get and see, nothing more, nothing less. Just yet another research project for the rest of us that we didn’t want.

Sterling Sues NBA

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

I wish maximum embarrassment on everyone involved in this sordid mess, except the wife maybe. Who, I think, won’t be embarrassed too much if it becomes much bigger mess. And so I hope it does.

I was glad, therefore, to see this.


Elliot Rodger Had Been in Therapy for Most of His Life

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


To my mind, if we are going to say that any kind of “culture” was responsible for Rodger’s rampage…then we might want to examine the impact of mainstream therapy culture rather than obsessing over the fringe misogyny culture he might have dabbled with.

We know a handful of things about Rodger. One is that he visited therapists. Another is that he was full of self-regard, was incredibly self-obsessed, and was utterly outraged when people, especially women, didn’t treat him with the love and respect he felt he deserved.

It is possible that these two things are connected, maybe even intimately connected. For one of the main, and most terrifying, achievements of the modern cult of therapy has been to churn out a generation of people completely focused on the self and in constant need of validation from others; a generation that thinks nothing of spending hours examining and talking about their inner lives and who regard their own self-esteem as sacrosanct, something which it is unacceptable for anyone ever to dent or disrespect.

Could Rodger’s fury at the world for failing to flatter his self-image as a good, civilized guy be a product of the therapy industry, of the therapy world’s cultivation of a new tyrannical form of narcissism where individuals demand constant genuflection at the altar of their self-esteem?

Hat tip to blogger friend Rick.

Worse Than No Degree at All

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


A new study by Forbes contributor Dan Schawbel, who runs Millennial Branding, a one-man research and consulting firm in Boston that’s focused on millennials, released a study today that comes to some conclusions I find startling. The most unsettling: If you are in the millennial generation and your goal is to find a job, it may be wiser to get no college degree at all than to spend four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars earning a humanities B.A. In a survey of nearly 3,000 job seekers and HR professionals, Schawbel, together with career website, found that a striking 64% of hiring managers said they would consider a candidate who hadn’t gone to a day of college. At the same time, fewer than 2% of hiring managers said they were actively recruiting liberal arts grads.

From Captain Capitalism.

The Eloi

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Making a perfect world.

From Dejah Thoris at Victory Girls, who adds:

Basically, in the age of Obama and this Counter Enlightenment; his bumbling, stumbling, rambling leadership that is marked by his administration’s continued wanderings in search of a coherent and understandable policy on anything of importance, I have noticed that liberals have a pattern. You may have seen this.

To wit, the liberal philosphy in a nutshell:

If you are black/white/hispanic/asian/LGBT and we agree on anything in politics or values = good person

If you are black/white/hispanic/asian/LGBT and we disagree on anything in politics or values = evil racist bigoted hate speaking Oreo Uncle Tom hatemonger who must be destroyed.

The fact that the Dinosaur Legacy Media act as if we don’t see it makes me LMAO even harder.
The people whose freedom liberals say they love the most are in grave danger. Gays are being killed in Iran. Women are being oppressed in every nation where Islam is a majority. Minorities of all kinds are being slaughtered around the world. Liberals and Progressives have chosen to defend that longing for freedom that those people crave by the aggressive use of speeches and the high minded proposition that everyone must first be safe from uncomfortable ideas, followed by complaining about states asking for photo ID to vote being a racist idea and about how we need to pay even more attention to race in order to be equal in a country that elected a bi-racial man from a single parent household raised by his white mother to the highest office in the land…. Twice.

Newsflash Liberals: The world is a dangerous place, and kind words and loving gestures mean nothing to enemies who don’t care if your way of life lives or dies.

The size of the Amygdala is “positively correlated to aggressive behavior across species.”

Entitlement Mentality

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

The Isla Vista shooting has sparked a firestorm of protest over this problem of young men driving around running over & shooting & stabbing people, to get even with all the good-looking women who wouldn’t put out. It’s became a rather sad spectacle, since the protesters (article-writers, really) are demanding some kind of change to address the problem, and murdering people is already illegal. So with any sort of legal reform redundant, the cultural protocol they’d like to put in place is that women shouldn’t have to sleep with men if they don’t want to. We’ve had that, too, for several centuries now, so what do they want? They don’t seem to know, but they’re extra upset about whatever it is.

Their real conflict is with the entitlement mentality. And that’s a problem since they themselves are operating according to it. A problem and a pity; imagine what new possibilities could be opened if they were to aim that nozzle of incandescent cultural rage toward this bulky and ancient buildup of immediate-gratification plaque. I’d be happy to join the protest. If only it could happen.

As Nightfly said:

It’s not just a failure to cope with a lack of purpose…it’s a failure to be given anything to cope with. The squishy marshmallow left has largely succeeded in crafting a world in which young people have grown to physical adulthood without ever having their will crossed in any small matter, much less a large one. Nobody is permitted to keep score, grade correctly, scold general misbehavior, or look askance at anything. Nobody is told “no.” Nobody hears that their opinions are bunk, and that their arguments are lacking, and that their attitude is piss-poor.

To quote that lovely pillar of the legal profession, Judge Judy: “The questions get harder.” As adults we can say “It hurts that you lost the big game, but it will be better soon” – but only if we ourselves learned from losing the big game once upon a time. We learn that the sun will rise again, there will be other big games, and we most importantly learn that real life doesn’t have a reset button to mash on until we get our predetermined result. The next game awaits – the last game is gone forever, and will always be a loss. That’s how to figure out how to handle results with actual consequences beyond one’s hurt feelings.

Our loonier squishes imagined that their own inability to cope and become successful were the fault of the failures of early life, thus proving that they learned little…and they decided to spare the next generation that learning opportunity, with the not unsurprising result that we have an alarming number of raging narcissists who can’t possibly imagine why anyone could ever disagree with them. They can’t hold jobs because the boss expects things like actual work done the boss’ way, not the worker’s. They can’t form relationships because others expect some give and take and actual respect, and they only want mirrors to reflect their own imagined greatness. They can’t deal with other people’s actual needs, much less reasonable requests that have nothing to do with them personally.

Well, a lot of them are rage-quitting life, and taking innocent people with them, and it’s not going to get better unless what adults remain start teaching hard lessons to young people.

The truly frightening thing about Elliot Rodger is that he left this world — we don’t know this as an absolute fact, but it seems a safe presumption — twisted, insane, in a far less stable or useful mental condition than what he had when he entered it. Also, that what knocked him off his nut came from within and not from the outside. And that this primal force from within was a nothing, and not a something. “Nobody is told ‘no.’ Nobody hears that their opinions are bunk, and that their arguments are lacking, and that their attitude is piss-poor.” He essentially missed something that everyone should be getting, and is not getting; so, how many more of us are there who happen to be like him?

Perhaps he is unique in the distance to which he carried things. I hope so. How common is the root problem? On the Internet, you see it everywhere. Especially if you start arguing with liberals: “This conversation isn’t over until it’s over the way I want it to be over.” People who just can’t get jiggy with the plain and simple fact, “I seem to have met up with someone who isn’t buying it.” They get told no, and their answer is to keep selling the same thing again and again, and they’ll do it forever, like a drill press stuck in the on position. Can’t cope with disagreement.

Sippican, by way of Bird Dog at Maggie’s Farm: “…some people’s desire to find the ignoble in everyone but themselves trumps everything.” You should read Sippican’s obit for Wallace Kaufman from top to bottom, for contrast if nothing else. What if we had to rely on an entitlement-mentality generation to fight World War II? I’m not the first to ask.

On the one side of the spectrum we have stories like that one; on the other, we have Elliot Rodger, and those who share some of his behaviors. In between the two extremes are various degrees, in the ability to adapt to the unexpected and the not-preferred. The ability to cope. Different ways of coping, some having to do with adjusting expectations, some having to do with changing or de-selecting whatever has failed to satisfy; some having to do with simply lashing out. Blaming the National Rifle Association, and “Let’s lower a beatdown on the male gender one more time,” would be examples of lashing out. Planning a murder rampage because women won’t sleep with you, would belong under the same category of coping by not-coping.

Lamborghini Egoista

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Only one was made, says IMGUR.

Via Linkiest.

Wikipedia entry:

It was built to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. Only one Egoista will be made, and it is a fully functioning model based on the Gallardo. It features a 5.2 L V10 engine producing 600 hp.

The Scientific Method, Then & Now

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Ah…it’s like an itch under a cast, finally getting scratched…

Some of us have been noticing this for awhile, with our dual entries for old and new “science” in our semi-official glossaries and such.

Spotted around the Internet lately, Doug Ross, Never Yet Melted, no doubt other places; hat tip goes to Gerard.

Context is key…

Yet the assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction. The so-called consensus comes from a handful of surveys and abstract-counting exercises that have been contradicted by more reliable research.

There are other examples waiting to be found, for those who need them. But the point stands: Conclusions do not necessarily become more certain when more people conclude them. Even when they’re experts. Loud experts, quiet experts, self-appointed experts, other kinds…and, there’s an awful lot of misinformation out there about which conclusions have enjoyed greater popularity, and how popular they really are. Such claims have the distinct whiff of politics-intermingling-with-“science” about them. It is a foul and pungent odor to those of us who have had reason to learn to recognize it.

Witch Doctor

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

No reason, none whatsoever.

Except maybe for this picture.

You want ten hours or so of this? Here you go.

Best Sentence CXXXIII

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

The 133rd award for BSIHORL, Best Sentence I’ve Heard Or Read Lately, goes to chasmatic‘s dad who, I’m inclined to believe, was actually a capital-dee Dad.

“[N]ever lay down with a woman that has more troubles than you.”

Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With…

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

So much for bemoaning the tragic consequences of our manic people-control people-management.

Time to look at the lighter side. By making fun of it.

Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head-Ripping-Off Machine

Back on the plane of reality, it is just one debacle after another, resulting directly from our freakish urges to micro-manage the behavior of total strangers…

Officials in Oklahoma and other states have resorted to these methods because they can no longer access sodium thiopental, the anesthetic traditionally used in lethal injections, and another drug used to paralyze the condemned. The lone US manufacturer quit producing sodium thiopental in 2011, and international suppliers—​​particulalry in the European Union, which opposes the death penalty on humanitarian grounds—​​have stopped exporting both drugs to the United States. This has left states like Oklahoma scrambling to find new pharmaceuticals for killing death row inmates. Some have been reduced to illegally importing the drugs, using untested combinations, or buying from unregulated compounding pharmacies, a number of which have a history of producing contaminated products.

Almost like a Monty Python skit. Oh! So glad the European Union is forcing us to treat prisoners humanely at all times!


Sunday, May 25th, 2014

It’s haunting. Because who among us hasn’t ever been here? And yet, we didn’t shoot people.

What’s truly frightening, is what’s bound to come next. I couldn’t believe the following two statements were so closely juxtaposed

Earlier Saturday, attorney Alan Shifman issued a statement saying Peter Rodger believed his son, Elliot Rodger, was the shooter. It was unclear how the son would have obtained a gun. The family is staunchly against guns, he added.

“The Rodger family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. We are experiencing the most inconceivable pain, and our hearts go out to everybody involved,” Shifman said.

Richard Martinez, the father of Christopher Michaels-Martinez, blamed politicians and gun-rights proponents at a news conference Saturday. “When will this insanity stop? … Too many have died. We should say to ourselves `not one more,”‘ he said. [emphasis mine]

Ugh. Yeah…masculinity, and guns, drive them both deeper underground. That’s done wonders for us so far.

I can buy into the idea that Eliott Rodger’s murder spree is a tip-off that something is wrong with our society. But, allowing guns is not likely to be what’s amiss, since there are so many people who own and use guns who wouldn’t do anything like what he did. Ditto for the young guys who are frustrated because they can’t get girls. In fact, the more you read up on this guy, the more you see this chaotic mixed-bag hodge-podge of normal and sick-n-twisted; I find it unavoidable to conclude that the latter started out as the former. The kid lacked the coping skills to deal with the pressures of adolescence. Just like a drinking glass lacks the flexibility to cope with ice tea fresh out of a hot dishwasher, or something like that. Seems like belaboring the obvious to even write it down.

His manifesto shows some signs of how far off-kilter this went…

In order to completely abolish sex, women themselves would have to be abolished. All women must be quarantined like the plague they are, so that they can be used in a manner that actually benefits a civilized society. In order to carry this out, there must exist a new and powerful type of government, under the control of one divine ruler, such as myself. The ruler that establishes this new order would have complete control over every aspect of society, in order to direct it towards a good and pure place. At the disposal of this government, there needs to be a highly trained army of fanatically loyal troops, in order to enforce such revolutionary laws.

Reminds me of what rob said: “Liberalism is the lifelong attempt to make high school come out right.” Think Mister Rodger just proved that.

Sorry, is that unfair to liberalism? Words, I am told, are defined by their common usage; and one thing we see rather consistently in people who are commonly described today as “liberals,” is a refusal, and perhaps an inability, to ever get past the bad stuff. We’re not seeing too many conservatives shooting strangers, even though conservatives are supposed to be the people stockpiling the guns — and, here & there, there are some conservatives who can’t get dates, and are frustrated when they see the objects of their affection ignoring them & lavishing that same affection on blowhards and jerks. (In fact, there are actually some movements to try to make that happen.)

What’s the difference between them and Elliot Rodger?

Mental stability, for one thing. And then after that, there’s something else. Not quite so much the conservatism itself, I’m thinking, but the stuff that goes with it. The ability to get past bad stuff. Attitude. “Oh well, her loss I guess; oh look, a new day.”

The ability to play video games with people online temporarily filled the social void. I got caught up in it, and I was too young and naive to realize the severity of how far I had fallen. I was too scared to accept it. This loss of a social life, coupled with the advent of puberty, caused me to die a little inside. It was too much for me to handle, and I stopped caring about my life and my future. I even stopped caring about what people thought of me. I hid myself away in the online World of Warcraft, a place where I felt comfortable and secure. [bold emphasis mine]

The Elliot Rodger story, thus far, stem to stern has been a saga about coping. This is still a new event and perhaps I shouldn’t draw conclusions in haste, but realistically, how likely is it that anything will come to light that will change this? Elliot couldn’t cope. Or didn’t. But cope with what? First class flights and Katy Perry concerts, a flashy BMW, wine…no chores, no unfinished projects, every problem handled?

Here’s a thought: Exactly. The image that ends up being rendered, is of failure to cope with a lack of purpose. Perhaps that is a delusive image, with some meaningful detail hidden from us so far. But, I don’t think that too likely. Or let’s say I’m not investing too much faith in that. Nor do I think anybody else is, either. His monologue makes it clear he was never wanted anywhere; what about being needed? Did he ever have a role to play in anything? Doesn’t seem to be the case, and in that respect his situation looks the same as many others of these shooters. This “retribution” seems to represent, to him, an opportunity to finally engage some action that will have an effect on something. And we’ve seen this many times before.

His is the story of a “society” getting way too high on managing the people who live in it, legally, politically, culturally and incompetently. And now, about to do even more of it. Scan the YouTube channel for tell-tale “disturbing videos” — hey, guess what, that was done and they actually did find something. How’d that work out? Stigmatize and criminalize the guns. The family is at a loss to explain how he ever got into them, they were “staunchly against” them. It isn’t a big mystery: It’s the allure of the unattainable.

And, the kid was diagnosed with Aspergers. Well, of course he was. See, there it is again: They were going to manage the future shooter. The problem isn’t that they failed, the problem is that they succeeded. They succeeded so well, that Elliot Rodger picked up the ball in the game of people-management and ran with it. He was going to be the Divine Ruler.

He was absolutely insane. But, I’m afraid, that doesn’t prove he was born with anything; there is such a thing as a manufactured insanity.

Update: Business as usual for our friends on the left; “truth” is whatever fits the narrative.

The Eighteen-Year Reunion

Friday, May 23rd, 2014


While Charlie was initially unsuccessful in his efforts to find the abandoned infant, he decided to try one more time. Then he heard a faint whimper…

Life is precious.

“Like a Bystander”

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

“What am I missing here?”, asks Allahpundit at HotAir. I wish I could say for sure.

Allahpundit continues:

There must be some inside joke or allusion I’m not getting that explains why you’d introduce this slogan during the one week more than any other of his presidency that illustrates what a terrible, disengaged manager he is. It’d be like the RNC rolling out a “Prosperity” bumper sticker the week of the financial crash in 2008.

So, obviously, it refers to something else. But…what?

I have my ideas. I’ve noticed often that the conflict with the modern-day liberal movement seems to orbit almost entirely around the perception that we live in “a universe of cause-and-effect.” They just can’t seem to get jiggy with that. They read a great deal into “income inequality,” they seem to be entirely on-board with the idea that those who prosper greatly must be doing something differently from the so-called “ninety-nine percent.” Normal, red-blooded people would then naturally conclude that they would want to find out what exactly that is, so that they, the ninety-nine percent, can do more of it and make themselves more prosperous.

But NO. Not even close. They don’t even seem interested in doing more of whatever magical wonderful stuff they think Barack Obama is doing, to be “Like A Boss.” It’s as if they doubt it’s the place of anybody, anywhere to actually do or not do anything; it’s more fitting to say that we all are or are not something. So you and I don’t do anything to make ourselves rich or poor — we’re just that way. Barack Obama could not have done anything to prevent the VA scandal, it’s just something that happened. It’s His voice inflection and His demeanor and His snappy comebacks that really matter. At least, that’s the most sense I can make of it.

Anyway, as Allahpundit noted, the NRCC had a fix:

And then the democrats had a rebuttal to that…it’s really juvenile and stupid. The most remarkable thing about it is the procession of “RT”s underneath.

It must be bring your kids to work day at Dem HQ. How thoughtful of you to let them take the twitter account for a spin.

come on. Stop.

if they mean empty suit then yeah “like” a boss.

A boss takes responsibility and acts maturely.

how often does a real boss hear about things going on in his organization from the news?

The VA as a Model

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Ben Shapiro is making headlines this morning, and for good reason. He wrote the column that had to be written.

As the fallout from the Veterans Administration cooking of the books and the related deaths of over three dozen veterans continues, President Obama took to the podium on Wednesday to explain that problems at the VA are nothing new. On Wednesday, President Obama took to the podium to first express his tremendous anger – VA Secretary Eric Shinseki was “mad as hell” but President Obama was “madder than hell,” thus winning the rage sweepstakes – and then explained that the VA’s issues go back years:

[A]ll of us, whether here in Washington or all across the country, have to stay focused on the larger mission, which is upholding our sacred trust to all of our veterans, bringing the VA system into the 21st century, which is not an easy task…. caring for our veterans is not an issue that popped up in recent weeks. Some of the problems with respect to how veterans are able to access the benefits that they’ve earned, that’s not a new issue.

And herein lies the problem for the left: the failures at the VA, including its bureaucratic incompetence, its waiting lists, and its deaths, all debunk the notion that a government-run healthcare system will work. It’s a fresh slap in the face to all those commentators who, in pushing Obamacare, endorsed the VA as a model.

And then — he starts rattling off examples. With the relevant quotes. Ouch. Every single one of them self-assured, self-centered, smug, smarmy…seldom correct but never in doubt. Just like a liberal commentator unloading on a conservative blog, or something. Not that I have too much familiarity with that.

Just a sample:

Every time I read about a Teabagger ranting about how socialized medicine will destroy this country I think of the VA system. There it is, a huge and vastly important universal healthcare system — government run, single payer and therefore socialist — right here in the brave and privatized United States: The Veterans Affairs hospitals.

He’s got a list of excerpts and they all read like that one.

If we turn the clock back and repeat the whole exercise a thousand times, it’s gonna go that way a thousand times. No matter who the Secretary of VA is, the leviathan bureaucracy is going to act like a leviathan bureaucracy, acting toward its own preservation instead of toward servicing those it’s supposed to be servicing. And liberals are going to act like liberals: Throw billions of dollars of someone else’s money at the problem, “smug out” anybody who mutters a peep of protest against socialized medicine, hold up the “huge and vastly important universal healthcare system” as a model, then get embarrassed at the eventual results. Then talk up a storm about how angry they are, how they just found out about this the same time we did, but conversely, don’t blame them because they inherited the mess.

About that. A bit of Hello Kitty of Blogging wisdom that drew an unexpected number of likes:

Note to President Obama: “I just found out about this” is NOT good. You should stop using that one. “I inherited this mess” is arguably even worse. Using both of those, in Your sixth year on the job, is really, really, really bad.

Note to self: if ever leaving a job where Barack Obama will be taking over, don’t leave any messes. Tie up all loose ends. Because if Obama finds He’s inherited a mess, He’ll bring it up *all* the time. Whenever it becomes clear He can’t do the job, which will be often.

But only after He finds out about the mess. Which can take six years.

To be fair, a dysfunctional VA is not a partisan thing. But — for the time being — the elevation of mediocre bureaucrats above the people they’re supposed to serve, the circling around them and protecting them when they screw up, and the myopia against the ineffectiveness of big government, certainly are. The democrats have made such a fine art form out of manipulating public opinion that I’m afraid if they were ever interested in actually fixing something, they’d find that particular skill set to have been atrophied and displaced a long time ago.

But I suppose there’s no way to test that.

Ché Café Closes Down

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Independent Journal Review:

Students at the University of California-San Diego have run the “Ché Café Collective” for 34 years, and it’s something the Marxist guerilla leader probably would have loved. As Fox News reports, it’s a vegan co-op and concert venue, with “exorbitantly low” prices and a staff of volunteers. It’s a terrific example of communism. Even more so because, well, it’s failing.

It has cost the student body over $1 million over the years, and it’s frequently in violation of school safety and fire codes. At several times in its history, it has been unable to produce enough money to cover the (reportedly cheap) rent. The café has been such a costly burden that the University has threatened to cut off funding. But a band of students, failing to see the writing on the wall (maybe they’re too busy looking at the Ché-inspired murals all over the café), are protesting the university’s decision, calling it an “orchestrated attack.”

And, the smackdown…

A communist-style business lacking financial smarts? You don’t say….Going to college involves expanding your worldview and gaining a little sense. This seems like the perfect opportunity for these Guevara-loving college students to learn a valuable life lesson: communism doesn’t work. Period.

Why democrats Call You Racist

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

“The Appearance of Caring Coupled With a Big Check”

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Me, in a comment:

We may debate how much the financial meltdown is related to this current lengthy string of bad years for employment. But it would be a useless debate. With a strong, thriving economy, a disaster that took place in the past is just that, something in the past. Even a big one would have no more effect on the future than, say by way of example, Jimmy Carter’s massive economic screw-ups had on my fortunes (graduated ’84).

It’s always like this when democrats run things, ever since the Great Depression. The misery drags on and on, and they blame the predecessor until it becomes just ridiculous, then they keep going. That’s because they don’t fix anything. They sit, like scavenging animals, waiting for something good to happen so they can take all the credit — and if anything goes wrong, they blame conservatives. That’s what they do.

They don’t live in a world of cause-and-effect. To them, that’s just something you put in a speech to make disasters look like the other guy’s fault.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed that liberals don’t make anything better, evidently. Derek Hunter, writing at, in an excellent column called “What the VA Scandal Exposes About Liberalism”:

Did you catch it? The president has spent more money on the VA than anyone else has, and to liberals that’s the solution. No concern for how the money is spent – whether it is being spent effectively, being wasted or stolen – just that it’s being spent. The appearance of caring, coupled with a big check, is enough.

We see this not only in the Veteran’s Administration, but in just about everything liberals touch. Washington, D.C., spends nearly $30,000 per student and fully 83 percent aren’t proficient in something as basic as reading.

In Maryland, another big-spending state, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley is gearing up for a presidential run by touting how the Old Line State is No.1 in national reading tests. What he leaves out is that’s in large part because Maryland exempts more students who would score lower on that test that any other state – by a lot. As the Washington Post put it, “The state led the nation in excluding students on the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, posting rates that were five times the national average and more than double the rate of any other state.” (Emphasis added.)

As I’ve said before, when you choose the unit of measure, or invent one out of whole cloth (jobs saved or created), you’ll always come out on top. When it comes to caring, liberals have set that unit of measure as money – always other people’s money. With that as the yardstick, no one cares more than liberals. But, like a distant rich parent in movies and novels that raise horrible children, a bottomless checkbook is no substitute for results. And when it comes to results, at least in the real world, be it health care, education, anti-poverty programs, the Veterans Administration, or anything else big government attempts to “fix,” liberals are sadly lacking.

Liberals, along with the receptive moderates they seek to recruit, seem blithely ignorant toward what is most cringe-worthy about all this: When the time comes for them to make their one big contribution, which is to present this “big check,” or rather to preside over the flow of money at the problem — they’re sorely lacking in even the baseline bragging rights held by, let’s say, your family’s Uncle Moneybags who throws money at problems that don’t have to do with money. Uncle Moneybags, for all his other faults, had something to do with making the money. Uncle Moneybags, at least, is going without a hundred dollars for every hundred dollars spent.

And there must be some practical wisdom there somewhere. Whether it’s useful to the matter at hand is another question, but Uncle Moneybags did know something at some point, in order to make the money. Unless he happens to be a politician…

You just can’t say the same about liberals. You can’t take money from a program proposed by, or supported by, or associated with, a liberal and say “Those people must know something practical, because look at all this money they gave me.” Not only are liberals lacking in the skill, critical thinking and strong work-ethic that someone else had to provide to make that money; they see those things as vices and not virtues. They resent the people who have them and are willing to show them. They always have. Always, all the way back to the very first cave pussies.

Liberals don’t go without when they manage to negotiate these investments. To them, they’re just making one more Faustian bargain between two others. They play the role of neither Faust nor of Lucifer, they’re more like agents who arrange the meeting. They don’t get paid on commission — as far as we know, since that would probably not be legal. Their angle is in the bad decisions that will be made by the Faust, once his signature is on the contract, once he starts failing to reach the level of good judgment and maturity that only the guiltless and independent can reach. Such negotiations are all in a day’s work, to them. Just building blocks for something much larger. Like connecting points in a large, vast spider-web. A web full of people making bad decisions to pursue material dependence. Manacled, endlessly, to solutions that don’t work, problems getting worse, and treasuries running out.

That’s what makes the liberal world go ’round. Detroit, along with a long list of other jurisdictions run by liberals and with poor results to show for it, proves that out. They don’t fix problems, because they won’t define what the problem is. To them, if the stated problem is solved and everyone keeps their independence, good judgment and dignity, that’s getting worse. If the stated problem festers without any end in sight, and we all have to do the wrong thing because a slavish state of dependence has eliminated any other option for us, then that’s a “solution.”

“Lemme Take a Minute and Think About That”

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

And no minds changed. Why am I not surprised.

Class of 2014’s Job Outlook

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

USA Today (warning, video auto-plays):

Seniors who graduate over the next several weeks are poised to be yet another product of a depressing economic cycle that isn’t their fault but that they may never fully recover from.

Fail-buzzer: A preposition is not something you end a sentence with.

But I noticed something else, and Stuart Schneiderman noticed it too:

It’s good for USA Today to say that their bleak job prospects are not their fault. And yet, we must notice that they voted for the politician whose policies are most responsible for this mess.

As the old saying goes, you get what you vote for.

…you get that for which you have voted…

It may be tough for the Class of 2014 to explain this to the Class of, oh, let’s say, 2052 or some such: After we voted in Obama and He fixed everything and made it all moar-wonderful, we were then faced with a depressing economic cycle that somehow wasn’t our fault.

I’m of the opinion that we’re going to survive this. I’m also of the opinion that when & if we do, it will be because — and only because — of a renewed, society-wide understanding of the plain and simple cosmic truth that things that happen, cause other things to happen. Our current miseries result from a widespread ignorance of this; the Weltanschauung that dominates is one that says everything is spontaneous, everything is random, and there’s nothing for anybody to do except believe in politically-correct pablum, start & win all the fights on the Internet about the pablum, tweet/twerk/selfie/Instagram like crazy, and have lots of “hope.”

“Don’t Regulate Me, Bro”

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Cathy Reisenwitz writes at Townhall:

A new working paper from libertarian think tank CEI called, hilariously, Tip of the Costberg: On the Invalidity of All Cost of Regulation Estimates and the Need to Compile Them Anyway, reveals that regulations cost American businesses $1.863 trillion annually. While that number is staggering, something somewhat buried in the blog post on the report is actually much more important. An earlier Small Business Administration report revealed “the extent to which regulatory costs impose higher burdens on small firms, for which per-employee regulatory costs are higher.”
According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

Failure itself isn’t a bad thing. Creative destruction is extremely important in a functioning economy. But many firms are failing due to government regulations instead of market signals.
And lest we fall for the lie that regulations are just the cost of maintaining safe, functional, fair markets, we should note that most regulations frankly absolutely fail to accomplish their stated aims. That’s because most are written by and for incumbent businesses, and are aimed at creating barriers to entry for startups in order to protect existing companies’ from competition and maintain their places in the market.

Indeed, it’s no shock nor accident that compliance costs disproportionately impact small businesses. It’s by design.

Everyone Is

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Language used not acceptable for work, or for any sort of general audience.

From here.

Via Linkiest.

The Four Harsh Truths Everyone in Matt Walsh’s Generation Needs to Accept

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Sooner rather than later

We have no place to be outraged when we are made to experience some small measure of suffering or sacrifice. This is what it means to exist as a separate, distinct, mature human being. This is what it means be alive. The world has left bumps and bruises on everyone, why should we be the exception?

Good advice for all of us, at any age.

“Graduation, Celebration and the Obfuscation Generation”

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Mike Adams:

The opening line of her response is typical of today’s college graduate in at least two specific ways. First, there is the tendency to respond to the tone rather than the substance of an argument. Second, there is the tendency to project motives of anger and fear onto others simply because they hold a different opinion. Gone are the days when we evaluated arguments. Today we evaluate emotions. This is particularly the case when sexual orientation is either directly or tangentially related to the topic at hand.
And there you have it. This college graduate who took the time to write me a letter and slip it under my office door has completely wasted my time. She began by chastising me for referring to a “celebration” as a “graduation.” She ends it by referring to the very same “celebration” as a “graduation.” So I guess it really was a graduation after all (a fact that I am hoping she overlooked, rather than intentionally misrepresented).

To the casual observer, celebrating the way people have sex is strange. Conferring credentials upon those who approve of their lifestyles is even stranger. In a few short years it will all seem normal. That’s why I’m writing about it now.

An Army Colonel’s Takedown of “White Privilege”

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Speaks for itself.

From here.

Vote Fraud, Some Kind of a Joke?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

I certainly do hope so.

The collision between liberals, and ideas they do not like, is spectacular and fascinating. It is more captivating than the fresh concoction of Diet Coke and Menthos. Bleach and brake fluid. Baking soda and vinegar.

They’re missing something Aristotle thought was important.

William F. Buckley noticed it, too.

If this was not a joke…Zowee. The irony. And, the irony-ignorance.

She Whined

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Those two words sum up the qualifications — all of the qualifications — of this ambitious new candidate:

That’s where we are now.

The politics reflect the people. And people, I’ve noticed for awhile, relate to each other according to either strengths or weaknesses. You may know some people who know you only by your weaknesses, and if you take the time to look, you may be surprised to learn that that’s how they know everybody else too. That’s Bob, he can’t find a job. That’s Mark, he has a learning disability. That’s Susan, her husband left her with three hungry kids and she has no time for herself. Nobody’s a brilliant carpenter, nobody has anything interesting to say at a casual conversation, nobody knows how to play the piano…everybody just has their troubles. Which must have been caused by someone else, who they don’t know that well. It’s that darn so-and-so who didn’t pay enough money.

I’m voting for Hillary, her husband cheated on her and it’s time we had a woman President. And Sandra Fluke, because she can’t afford birth control and Rush Limbaugh called her a slut.

And then she whined about it. So she’s qualified.

Lawmaking Through Prejudice

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Matt Walsh:

It’s everyone’s favorite form of irony – the one where you reveal your own prejudice by calling someone else prejudiced.

It usually looks like this:

Person A: “Man, I really dislike it when people murder their pet hamsters!”

Person B: “Hey! Why do you hate Australians?”

In this realistic example, Person A has expressed a general anti-hamster-killing sentiment, which Person B interprets as a verbal assault on the people of Australia. In so doing, Person B has exposed his own disturbing belief that Aussies are particularly inclined to slaughter innocent hamsters, which makes any anti-hamster-murder statement a direct attack against anyone of Australian descent.

Next thing you know, we can’t even make laws to protect hamsters because the legislation would be seen as discriminatory against a group of people who, if you asked them, probably aren’t particularly pleased about being unfairly associated with the mass genocide of domesticated rodents. That is until, after a while, even Australians begin to believe that crushing hamsters must be an integral part of their heritage and culture, as everyone else keeps insisting is the case.

This is all just an unnecessarily bizarre way of illustrating how progressives tend to argue their point. They take some illegal, illogical, unethical, or morally repugnant act, and confidently declare that act to be universally sacred amongst an entire racial, ethnic, or gender group — often to the protest of many in the group itself. Suddenly, those who disagree with their ideas are automatically in disagreement with the very existence of whatever demographic progressives have deemed as inherently opposed to decency and virtue.
Now, with this in mind, we understand why racist white liberals have decreed that black people don’t know how to obtain a driver’s license, and anyone who thinks a driver’s license ought to be required for voting must be involved in a nefarious conspiracy to suppress the black vote.

Voter ID laws are racist, they claim. To ask people to produce a photo identification before voting is a ‘step toward Jim Crow laws.’

They’ve made this enormously stupid argument so many times, that even guys like Rand Paul have been scared away from protecting the integrity of the voting process. We wouldn’t want to “offend,” he says.

The anti-Voter ID folks will point out that a minority person – particularly a minority woman – is statistically less likely to have an ID than a white dude. This might be true, but it’s irrelevant. Whatever the requirement, in whatever situation, there’s always going to be some group statistically less likely to meet it. By progressive logic, every requirement is therefore prejudiced and ethnocentric.

Your grandmother is statistically more likely to drive the speed limit than I am, but that doesn’t mean speed limit laws are an evil plot against me.

Now, if there ever were a law that assigned a DIFFERENT speed limit to me, or a different speed limit to 27-year-old middle class white dudes in general, then I’d have a case. But, as it stands, we all are under the same tyrannical thumb of the same tyrannical speed limits, which means, by definition, they don’t discriminate.
…if I had my way, you’d need to produce much more than a license to vote. You’d have to pass an elementary level civics test and then identify by name, at the very least, the Secretary of State, the Vice President, and the Speaker of the House. Next you’d be quizzed on a few current events. Finally, all votes would be cast in essay form. You’d be asked for your choice, and then 6 sentences explaining why you made that choice. There would be no wrong answer, as long as you have an answer. People who cannot even articulate the reasoning behind their vote don’t deserve to vote in the first place.

I imagine these easy tests would disqualify about half of the people who show up on election day, sending our voter turnout numbers plummeting into the basement. And that, my friends, would be a wonderful day in the Republic.