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The Ice Cream Thing

Sunday, July 24th, 2022

Something weird is going on with democrats and ice cream.

I’m guessing someone has made a discovery somewhere, that if you want to convince the hoi polloi that you’re one of them, you should make it known you like ice cream because of course all the riff raff like ice cream. Someone forgot to include in their little research project or whatever, that the humble classes like ice cream because everybody likes ice cream — it doesn’t distinguish you in any way. It doesn’t make you look like a normal when you go around bragging about how much you like ice cream.

As a matter of fact, given the understanding that you want more babies murdered and you like gas prices to be high…tacking on to the end of that “Also, I like ice cream” is a bit weird.

What am I to think of someone devouring a huge ice cream cone? Well, first thing in my head is, it’s probably hot. They’re probably outside and it’s a hot day, when ice cream would taste darn good. After that, kids might be involved. Maybe they’re on an outing with grandchildren. The third thing, most applicable if it’s a person known to me, in an important and influential occupation is: The work must be done. What could be more natural, and pleasant, if you have a high stress and important job, than to get it all the way done when there’s still a lot of daylight left, and celebrate by wrapping your lips around a huge ice cream cone? But only when the work is completely done. Our hands are going to be sticky and messy afterward, so it’s understood this is a final terminus, not a break. The ice cream cone becomes a symbol, much like a cocktail: Things are right and good. All objects involved are in a satisfactory state. Everything that needs piloting is on auto.

So democrats — running everything right now — are eating ice cream cones because they must think all the work is done. They must like things the way they are, with crime high, gas prices high, antiquated and absurd COVID rules still in effect where they aren’t going to do any good…Putin…North Korea…supply chain…everything’s all good to go, time for some ice cream.

So no. To me anyway, they’re not making themselves more relatable by eating ice cream.

In fact, if this bit of research exists, there’s a good chance a Republican mole put it together, to do damage from the inside.


Sunday, July 24th, 2022

Liberals don’t discuss.

I recently saw someone blame Donald Trump for the fact that more people have died from COVID with Biden being President. Yes you read that right. This would not stand up to reasoned discussion, but that’s okay because of course there won’t be any. All of the premises on which liberals think and work, are not merely premises, they’re “settled” axioms that they won’t open to inspection.

Some would object to this. Some have. Liberals love to “discuss” how high gas prices are not Joe Biden’s fault, but that’s merely denying something. When you or I talk about a discussion, we’re referring to a process involving, at least, a fair hearing to the other side and a fair engagement of the other side’s points, and counterpoints. There’s an old rule that if you think you’re ready to discuss something, you should be able to express the position of your antagonist in such a way that he’d be satisfied with your summary. I don’t even know what that test would look like, were it imposed on liberals. I’ve not seen it done, haven’t seen them take up such a challenge. I know, based on what I’ve seen of their performance, it would be a sustained and spectacular failure, likely one inspiring laughter.

But, we don’t like to impose burdens or tests on liberals. Being a liberal is all about not having to pass any. Somehow, the rest of us comply with this. We let ’em skate.

We have gun violence because of “all these guns lying around.” How many guns per acre does it take, to make violence? I don’t know the answer to that and you don’t either. Liberals refuse to discuss it. All-electric cars over hybrids, makes no sense. How come they don’t push hybrids instead? They refuse to discuss it.

They “know” Biden’s victory was legitimate and they’re plainly frustrated that they’re not winning any converts. Well, they’re not winning converts because they don’t discuss it. When does life begin? They refuse to discuss it. Now they’re in the hot soup because abortion is no longer “the law of the land,” and refusing to discuss now means it’s the other side that wins. Still, they refuse to discuss it. It’s not by choice. Forty-nine years of atrophy have left them unable to make a convincing argument because throughout all that time, they’ve enjoyed the advantage of “We don’t discuss it, we win”…and now they don’t win.

If they see any signs anywhere that anyone is following a Christian faith, they have to get rid of those. Even if it’s just prayer. They say it’s because of an intimidation factor or some such thing. This is a lie. Christianity is something they have to drive underground so as few people as possible ever see it. Atheism can be out and proud. So can a lot of the other religions. But they have to hide Christianity, bury it down deep.

They will “point out” that atheism isn’t a religion. But they won’t discuss it. I’ve got a list of reasons why it is one, but none of it matters. “Atheism is not a religion” is a punchline; it’s intended to stand on its own, with no rebuttal. There isn’t supposed to be a “Yeah but how come this” or “Yeah but what about that.” You’re just supposed to say “Gosh, I hadn’t thought of that” and move on to the next subject. They won’t discuss it.

Jussie Smollett proved truth doesn’t matter with these race-baiting incidents. Their solution to that is to mock and ridicule anybody who notices the Smollett hoax, and by extension, any of the other hoaxes. They refuse to discuss it.

They think this makes them look assertive, and smart.

What a shame, what a shame. Some of them really are smart.

But it’s an ideological positioning for mental midgets.

Liberals and Leftists

Sunday, July 24th, 2022

Unpopular opinion of mine:

Leftists are liberals. Liberals are leftists. This comes up every so often because I’m usually in pursuit of some other point, and I just use the generic term “liberals.” Classic liberals, of course, were pretty much the opposite of today’s leftists. They cared about the sovereignty and dignity of the individual, limiting the oppressive power of the state.

They’re not monsters in disguise of yesterday’s liberals. They’re not the bug-monster from “Men in Black” wearing the skin of the farmer.

That isn’t what’s happening at all. “Liberals” are the caterpillar, leftists are the butterfly. They’re corrupted. They believed in the autonomy of the individual and the virtue of dissenting opinion; they held a revolution over it, they succeeded and became the new power. Then they decided autonomy of the individual, and allowing a forum for dissenting opinion, aren’t that great after all.

“Question authority until we’re the authority, then cork it” should be their motto.

I use the terms interchangeably. Because they got interchanged. The grape became a raisin.

They lacked maturity to play nicely with others, from the very beginning. They wanted a power shift because they were on the side of the spectrum that didn’t have the power. Now they’re on the other side and their beliefs have shifted, but they’re still the same people, with the same foibles and handicaps.

You might compare them to your idiot brother or cousin who isn’t old enough for Monopoly, and wants the “roll doubles to get out of jail” rule to work differently, depending on who’s in jail. In the end, there are tantrums, tears and the pieces go flying across the room.

They have always been the kind of people you don’t want running anything. Now they’re running everything.