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B and C

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Beyonce Knowles and Carly Zucker: A super-hot WAG goes up against genetic perfection.

Advantage Knowles. Nothing beats genetic perfection. The woman looks like she was grown in a lab…in a good way. Every single inch, from her eyebrows to her ankles, is as succulent as it can possibly be.

But Zucker is a feast for the eyes, and has better than even odds of prevailing in another match-up.

Girls in Bikinis Reading Star Wars

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Vodkapundit, via Classic Liberal, via Smitty. Enjoy your Rule 5 Sunday.

A and B

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Annalynne McCord and Beyonce Knowles…

They’re both out-of-this-world lovely, but I fail to see how or why anyone would give the trophy to Annalynne. Hair, face, breasts, stomach, hips, thighs, arms…everything. Brains? I’ve no way to tell. I’ve always had the uneducated impression Beyonce had a lot going on there too. Beyonce is genetic wonderfulness, maybe perfection, come to life and nobody’s competing with that by vomiting her way down to a double-zero dress size.

Samrich, Annalynne sweetie. Have one with mayo, and maybe two.

Blogsister Daphne has inquired as to what our thoughts are about Welch, Loren, Bassinger, Jaclyn Smith, two selected supermodels and the craziest Desperate Housewives. We’re researching it, but we can say at this point that back-in-the-day, Raquel Welch takes the prize. Just out of that list. Because it didn’t occur to Daphne in the moment to mention the immortal and incomparable Natalie Wood.

Megan Fox Overexposed

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

That headline makes our chosen topic sound oh so much more exciting than it really is. A one-day moratorium is being announced for August 4 on a bunch of guy-centered online mags, like this one and this one and this one and this one, against anything related to the sexpot star of Transformers movies.

Renouncing Megan FoxWell, I’m of two minds about it. The girl is horribly miscast, but at least she does know how to act, kinda. Did I say horribly miscast? I meant awfully, terribly, reprehensibly, stink-on-wheels miscast. I think they broke the mold before they made Michael Bay. The man knows how to blow things up, and he knows how to have lots of guys walk in slow motion toward the camera in a classic “power walk” just before they face certain doom. But he couldn’t assemble a female character to save his life. He doesn’t seem to keep in mind if he’s developing a nice-girl, a bored-housewife, a bitch, a vamp, a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold, an evil-stepmother, a dowager, a princess, a lady-of-the-lake, Juliet, Marion Ravenwood, Lieutenant Uhura, Scheherazade, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It’s like, to him, they’re all just one male stock character with a few different body parts.

So he gets hold of Megan Fox, who is a young trash-temptress with an Angelina Jolie obsession and tattoo fixation, who is sizzling hot and can kinda sorta act. And he puts her in this part that is a better fit for Elisabeth Shue, back in the Cocktail days. It seems like a great fit at first. She’s dating the football jackass, she breaks up with him because he wants her to be his “bunny,” she knows more about cars than she lets on because her dad’s a jailbird carjacker, and by the second movie she’s working in daddy’s motorcycle shop as a girl grease monkey. At this point, there is only a partial disconnect…the tattoos fit right in, the overly-thick makeup job with the glossy pouty lips, does not. We can deal with that.

But then she’s the Girl Friday to Shia Labeouf as he repeats his run-the-gauntlet stunt from the first movie, trying to get a precious thing-a-ma-bob to a waiting whatz-a-ma-giggit, so we’re all left watching Shia and this super-duper-hot-girl — who’s fully clothed, by the way — run through this maze of marauding robots and explosions. And it just has an awkward feel to it, ya know. She does a lot of yelling, when everybody else does a lot of yelling. In Michael Bay movies, if you’re doing something and you want whatever it is to work…especially if it’s got to do with working a motorcycle, car, plane, boat, machine gun or rocket launcher — you yell really loud. A nice throaty yell is great for making things work in movies. I first learned that when Stalone went AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! while firing a machine gun at nothing in Rambo II. Yelling makes things work. Always. Unless it’s that car that won’t start when the machete-guy is walking…real…slow toward you in a slasher movie. Other than that, yelling works. Megan Fox yells very nicely. She has a man-yell.

Having said all that, yes I’m tired of her. She lacks man-appeal. Methinks her appeal is for boys, the boys who are fascinated with girls, but only since sometime last year. Untroubled by any unpleasant memories of an actual coupling, they lust after the ladies they’ll not actually be having, the same way a grown man lusts after a Bugatti Veyron or F1 McLaren. This full-grown man appreciates her supple body parts, but he finds her personality irritating, along with her overly-made-up face. He finds her suitable as a background extra with few or no speaking lines, perhaps a showgirl; nothing more center-stage than those. She lacks watch-ability. Think of re-doing the 1930’s classic production of Wizard of Oz, with Fox cast as Dorothy. Which means she’s carrying the entire show, since everyone except Dorothy occupies a secondary role. See what I mean now?

There is an urban legend going around that forty years ago, when they were creating a new character for The Avengers, one of the producers dashed off a memorandum addressing the desire for this person to have “M. Appeal,” with M standing for Man. And that’s how the character got her name. It seems, from all I’ve been able to gather, that there is some truth to this legend — but it really doesn’t matter, does it. Mrs. Peel did have man appeal, bushels of it, and because of that she remains memorable to this very day. Why? She appealed to men, and she was brilliantly cast, the part filled with a wonderful, talented actress who fit it and connected with it. Peel will never be forgotten, ever.

Now are there any Transformers fans who can remember the name of Fox’s character in the movie? And can spell it correctly?

Overexposed is right. It’s time for her to go bye-bye for a little while. It’s certainly not her fault, at least not completely. But the fatigue has set in.

And that goes for the live-action Wonder Woman movie too. The Champion of Themiscyra is tat-free; inking her skin would be disrespectful to her mother, and it probably wouldn’t work anyhow because she’s made out of clay. Keep looking. Think about Odette Yustman and Julia Voth instead.

Cross-posted at Right Wing News.

Emilija Bunjac

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Hat tip to Conservative Grapevine.

Sexy Photos of Girls Dressed as Wonder Women

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Sixty-nine of them, courtesy of Conservative Grapevine.

Daphne’s Disgusted

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Unlike the rest of that unending parade of snarky females slapping us bumbling men upside the head claiming to want us to smarten up and do better, this one means it. She’s Blogsister Daphne, a woman of wit, class and substance, who claims to like men because she really does; and she’s upset with our obsession with Flo.

If obsession is the offense, I would point out we didn’t bring up the subject in the first place. But something tells me this is one of those things where “discussion” only exists as an idea…train has left the station…woman-talk-man-listen territory from here on out. We’ve all been there.

Lara CroftAnd we know the protocol. Wait for her to get done…try like the dickens to avoid doing anything to piss her off any further…stay quiet and out of sight…do something harmless. Like playing Tomb Raider.

For those who can’t bear to stay quiet — Buck represented us reasonably well, I thought. But hey, maybe you think he left something unsaid. I’m staying out of this one. Things reach a fevered pitch, and then they crescendo further to a point where even I start to have some common sense. Best to just stay out of (further) trouble.

Besides, have you noticed what they’ve done with Lara’s rack in the last two games? Great googly moogly.

Hot Pants, 2009

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Because summer’s here.

Spring Cleaning, 2009

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Spring CleaningThis is a little bit like making a point to haul the Christmas Tree down to the garbage before Easter…you’re not likely to stand accused of jumping the gun when you’re cleaning dustbunnies out of the computing hardware three weeks before the fireworks stands open up.

But better late than never.

The tower on its side belongs to the Lady of the House, the one in the background standing up is the older primary House of Eratosthenes hardware, serving nowadays as a backup.

They’re both nearing end of life now.

It’s a little bit difficult to justify the bucks nowadays for new desktops isn’t it? Those of us who are hardcore might have what’s called a “Gamer’s PC” stuck on our fantasy gift lists — maybe some of us have actually sprung for it. The depreciation factor is as massive as it ever has been, and aside from the graphics-intensive applications, most of them have moved online. Which means, clients have reverted back to being clients. They need to browse, and for the most part that’s just about it.

My Dad says life is kind of like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end of it, the faster it runs out. I’m finding the computing world is somewhat like that…the farther into it you go, the faster it spins. When I first got into this business, I thought things were exploding at an unprecedented rate. And they were. Kelly BrookBut now, it’s turned all strange and surreal. Hardware is becoming obsolete even faster than ever before, even in this Idiocracy age of “Technology = Portable Personal Tunes + Dogs-in-Purses.” Things that were, just a few years ago, your largest investment apart from the car, home and teevee, are now…junk. Real junk. You could replace them for $350 or thereabouts, and for that receive a replacement with triple the horsepower and ten times the disk space.

Back when people thought we’d be spending this year flying around in our rocket-powered vests so we could reach our floating cities in the sky — which we aren’t doing, of course — this computing power was unfathomable. So small wonder you need to blow some dustbunnies out of it now and then. It’s a fair trade.

We use it for what?

Reading blogs, and looking at pictures of beautiful women in skimpy clothes.

So here ya go.

Priscila Saravalli

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Best Looking Cheerleaders of TV and Film

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Heather Mitts

Friday, May 15th, 2009

The woman is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Wine Opener

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

The Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court is in trouble for forwarding an e-mail with a racy video. That’s a shame, but it gave me the information I needed to track down what I think is the video…and some others.

I don’t particularly feel like talking about Chief Justices getting in trouble, so on with the videos.

Jennifer Ellison on Rollerblades

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Friday, May 1st, 2009

If visual pleasure is one of the muses, incarnated into flesh and blood and sent down from Mount Olympus to walk upon the earth…this young lady is undoubtedly her.

More here. No nippleage or other work-unsafe stuff so far as I can tell…but bear in mind I was mostly distracted from checking out the sidebars and adbars, where such filth is known to lurk.


Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Just like Alyssa Milano, her politics suck but good heavens she’s easy on the eyes.

Hat tip: Daley Gator, via The Other McCain…the latter of whom, by the way, has an insatiable desire for (and is well worth) some more blog hits.

Kari Byron

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

…just because.

I think she’s Daphne‘s ugly twin. That must be true, right?

Sabres & Hawt Chicks

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

The Daily Bikini: Christina Milian

Monday, April 6th, 2009

From here.

Twenty-Five Sexiest Death Scenes

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Because…again…I’m really sick of talking about that guy in the White House.

Of course, for the most part, we have not been. There is effort invovled in that. Most of my blogging effort these days goes into finding something else to talk about.

Anyway. On with the show.

Men See Women in Bikinis as Objects

Friday, February 20th, 2009

science says. Just tell me my taxpayer dollars didn’t pay for it, pretty please? Lord knows they’re paying for everything else.

It may seem obvious that men perceive women in sexy bathing suits as objects, but now there’s science to back it up.

New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.

The research was presented this week by Captain Renault, professor of psychology at Princeton University, at the…

Hah hah! Did I just type “Captain Renault” in there? Oh, dear me, naughty, naughty fingers. I slap my own hands. Let’s get back to business…

I See Her As An ObjectThe research was presented this week by Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“This is just the first study which was focused on the idea that men of a certain age view sex as a highly desirable goal, and if you present them with a provocative woman, then that will tend to prime goal-related responses,” she told CNN.

Although consistent with conventional wisdom, the way that men may depersonalize sexual images of women is not entirely something they control. In fact, it’s a byproduct of human evolution, experts say. The first male humans had an incentive to seek fertile women as the means of spreading their genes.
Men also remember these women’s bodies better than those of fully-clothed women, Fiske said. Each image was shown for only a fraction of a second.

This study looked specifically at men, and did not test women’s responses to similar images.

Wow, that Obama sure did deliver up some “change.” Any week now, we’ll be seeing that phony egghead study that says “Study: Men actually appreciate women.” We’re dogs, I tell ya.

You do realize what’s going on here? If I were to hop in a time machine and travel back by — let us say — three or four years, and say “Hey guess what, in 2009 it’s treated as a scientific discovery that men see screwing women as a thing to do, like a household chore, albeit an exciting and pleasant one.” It would be looked upon as very poor, very low-grade, very unfunny, sarcastic humor. Nobody would take it seriously. They’d lock me up in a loony bin.

And yet, here we are.

If it wasn’t for the swindle-us bill passing, I’d say we need a complete overhaul and audit of all scientfikal studies being done, anywhere, inside government as well as outside.

But now, everyone’s paying for everything — save for those who don’t pay taxes. So now I don’t see the point. But good heavens. Where do they get these asexual, passionless, sex-deprived scientists? “Susan Fiske” isn’t even a hyphenated name. Must be a typo or omission of some kind.

I read these stories, and I feel like I must’ve been frozen and thawed out again. Geez people, it’s called testosterone. It’s not a relic from a bygone era…well, not yet anyway…and it’s the source of every single good thing you have, & then some. Am I really Buck Rogers here? Who’s been sawing logs for a century or two here, me or everyone-else?

Past studies have also shown that when men view images of highly sexualized women, and then interact with a woman in a separate setting, they are more likely to have sexual words on their minds, she said…Taken together, the research suggests that viewing certain images is not appropriate in the workplace, Fiske said.

My God! You realize what this is? This is one step removed from saying…Study: Men enjoy looking at women in bikinis. It’s one step removed from saying “Study: Castrate men before allowing them to work in an office with women.” It, in contravention to useful science, belabors the obvious. In contravention to useful science, it views people as two-dimensional creatures, unable to see or incapable of seeing each other as both beautiful and talented. It unscientifically reads these two perceptions as mutually exclusive, when there is no substantiation for such an axiom. In that sense, it is bone-crushingly stupid. It’s also European — and I don’t mean that as a compliment. I’m talking about synapses in your noggin, by being jumped, becoming everybody else’s concern. Everyone’s business is everybody else’s business.

What do you need to do, to get some policies enacted on this…and then enforce them to the extent needed? The mind boggles. Why, I, a straight male, could be interviewing female job candidates, or giving annual reviews to women who work for me. You would have to go through a complete history of all my ex-girlfriends to see if any of them resemble the female professionals I’m appraising. You’d have to do that before you could allow me into the room with them…wouldn’t you? I mean, I don’t think I’m that unusual here, but if you were to go through a history of all the women I considered girlfriends, gee I hate to admit this, but I’ve seen all of them buck-ass naked. And naked is almost as scandalous as wearing a bikini, of course. So who knows what those unsuspecting females could be unleashing in that degenerate male noggin of mine?

No way could you depend on grown-ups to just…y’know…act like professionals or anything.

And here’s some full disclosure for you: In my case, you’d better not stop at girlfriends. You’d have to sound the alarm bells anytime I had to interact with a female subordinate who resembled any of my movie-actress fantasies. You might as well.

I suggest you start off with Natalie Wood. Yummy, yummy, Natalie Wood. Mmmmm…

Danica Patrick in Bikini and Stilettos

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Title says it all. Click the pic…

Um, It Covers Up Too Much, Diana

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Best superhero cartoon line ever.

Nine Hottest Canadian Women

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


Legs, Legs, Amazing Legs

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Why? Because Gerard‘s out taking a breather…and when the cat’s away the mice will play. Our friendly competition continues.

That, and just because. To break through those winter, pre-Obamessiah-annointing doldrums.

Super Heroines

Friday, January 16th, 2009

D’JEver Notice? XXI

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

So a day or two ago I was taking an exceptionally bizarre position for a gentleman to take, supporting the right of the Hooters food franchise to discriminate against men. Well hey, I believe in womens’ equality. We’ve been oppressing ’em for five thousand years, give or take, guys…I know this is true because I grew up in the 1970’s, and I spent my childhood being told so. The “pendulum” has to swing “the other way.” Time to pay our dues. And I can think of no better way than to allow Hooters to turn the male waitress applicants away at the door; it’s only fair. We need to suffer so we can understand what the fairer sex has been going through, since the time of Abraham.

Our tirade was noticed by blogger friend Dustbury, and since people actually do read that blog over there, a lively debate seems to have erupted — or at least germinated — about the psychology of the two sexes when it comes to ordering food served by appealing specimens of the sex preferred. Do the ladies find handsome men in tiny uniforms, as appealing as the men find girls in skimpy clothing? Would it alter their food preferences? It must be so; as a child of the 1970’s, I was repeatedly told that, too. Men and women are exactly alike. Actually they didn’t state that word for word. But anybody who asserted anything outside of that, was beaten into the ground, ended up biting dirt with a boot in their neck…because hey, it was the 1970’s. Gotta crack some free-speech eggs to make a utopia omelette.

But real life keeps butting in. I know of no restaurant called “pickles,” at which horny housewives can order a glass of wine and a key lime pie served up by a stud in a thong. If there is such a thing, it hasn’t opened nearly as many outlets as the orange place with the owl.

But let’s leave that aside for a minute. I’ve noticed something about Hooters over the years —

Hooters Chicken…when people talk about it, the conversation always turns to the food.

I wish people wouldn’t trash Hooters’ food. True, the customers don’t go there for it. But in a way, they do…I mean, think about it…girls in skimpy outfits serving you cold beer and NO FOOD. Blech. So it seems unfair, to me. You can see the cooks back there. They’re working hard. I’ve never seen one yet that looks underfed. Maybe I didn’t notice (my attention, consistently, seems to be drawn elsewhere). But Hooters food is not bad food. People say it is, but what’s going to happen if you put it in a taste test against other foods?

KFC, f.k.a. Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example. It’s cooked up for little kids. I find, with my advancing years, “Original Recipe” is becoming less and less compatible to my digestive system. And I’m not talking about adventures in the restroom that are kindly bowdlerized from polite conversation. I don’t make it that far. Two big pieces are over the top for me. Something in the oils has my stomach yelling upstairs “If anything else is coming down that chute, it’d better be something different or you won’t like the way I hand it back.”

Bottom line — it’s true, I don’t go to Hooters for the food. It’s a tiny, tiny slice on that pie chart about why I go to Hooters. Bu-u-ut…if you want to complain about Hooters food, how about a taste test? What’s more appealing to you, polishing off a two-pound plate of Hooters hot wings, or a two-pound plate of KFC? I’d prefer the hot wings if they’re “naked” coated with Teriyaki. I think most people would. And yet, nobody ever complains about KFC.

The teeny waitress uniforms. They have nothing at all to do with the quality of the food. But they get everyone complaining about the food when they otherwise would not.

Humans are funny, funny people. We make perfect sense if we aren’t studied very carefully. But the closer you zoom in, it’s like one question is answered and three more pop up.

American Idol Bikini Girl

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I’m completely virginal to American Idol and intend to stay that way. But this looks like an episode that would make fine viewing. Not because of Bikini Girl, I can watch girls in bikinis in all kinds of places.

Cat fights yeah, that’s where it’s at.

Bikini GirlThankfully, [new judge everyone’s talkin’ about Kara] DioGuardi doesn’t let ’em all down gently. Case in point: Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell. I know it’s hot in Phoenix — but a bathing suit to an Idol audition? What was Simon going to say about that?

Well, nothing, really. The usually bitter Brit’s eyes bulged out of his head when modelesque Darrell entered the room — and he even said “yes” (with a dorky grin, to boot) when the near-nude contender botched A Vision of Love. Ditto a beaming Jackson.

Abdul was more hesitant, but DioGuardi was downright baffled: “I can’t allow (Simon) to say, ‘Yes,’ ” she said — then proceeded to sing a significantly more melodic version of the tune.

The claws really came out when Darrell whined that DioGuardi’s demonstration “wasn’t any better,” prompting the judge to sing again before finally giving up and sending her through to Hollywood — sarcastically adding, “Next time, come naked.”


Heh, the resident jerk had a “dorky grin.” That would have been entertaining to see. Mildly entertaining.

Mildly entertaining as in, worthy of a chuckle. Dedicating all of my evening time to it, week after week, year after year, gathering ’round the office water cooler to chatter away about who’s going to get booted off…not so much.

Courtney Friel Pictures Released

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I really don’t know who this lady is, but she looks amazing. Also, there is something newsworthy about the event in which these pictures are “released,” like it has the whiff of scandal about it.

She is, it would seem, a Fox anchor-babe. Well, that would explain the hint-of-scandal; you’ll see my first link up there is to Huffington Post, no pals of Fox are they.

Someone should find a name for this…issue. A highly-recognizable, single, incendiary word — like “abortion,” but describing this issue instead. The issue in which a lady of professional stature is “caught” wearing a bikini when she isn’t on the clock at her “real” job. And the question has to come up: Does she have the right to do that?

Because we don’t ponder it very long, and because legally it is determined mostly by whatever wording might be in her contract, we haven’t come up with this word yet. But it’s an important word.

Doub-itis, perhaps?

And I can’t help noticing, people who are passionately in favor of “womens’ choice” on the abortion issue, are passionately opposed to womens’ choice on this one. That may be because conservative Republicans have a virtual lock on the women who look decent in bathing suits. I really don’t have the slightest idea where Friel’s perceived ideological leanings figure into this; her blog doesn’t give much indication one way or t’other. But working for Fox is scandalous enough, I’m certain, in the eyes of the pro-abortion anti-swimwear-after-clock-out Huffington Post writer.

Whatever. The pictures…are released. Shish-boom-bah.

Hooters Won’t Hire Men

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Damn straight. Those are my two words on that.

Hooters GirlA class-action suit has been filed against Hooters of America, Inc., for refusing to hire men as waiters.

The whole thing started when Nicolai Grushevski applied for a job at a Hooters in Corpus Christi, Texas, in May of 2008 and was told to forget it. Hooters maintains that because its food servers are called “Hooters Girls,” no labor laws are being violated.

It’s up to the courts to decide, though we can think of a couple of reasons not to go there if Mr. Grushevski wins.

Actually I have two more words on this:


No, waitaminnit, I have a few more.

I do not go to Hooters to be reminded what a wonderful egalitarian country we have in which everybody can be anything. Therefore, as a dude, I say discriminate against dudes all you want.

I do not go to Hooters to be reminded that lawyers run everything, and we’re always one lawsuit away from the most horrible nightmares you can possibly imagine. I go there to forget about such things.

I do not go to Hooters to meet people who sued their employers into hiring them. I go there after working hard at a job someone chose to hire me into, and I expect to see folks at the other tables in similar situations, enjoying themselves after a long shift of working their enormous asses off. And the ladies serving me my food, I expect them to be more of the same…people their employers want to be in those positions. (Except the thing about enormous asses doesn’t hold. Skinny asses there. Please. Thankyewverymuch.

I do not go to Hooters to be drowned in rules, or to watch others being drowned in rules. Just keep the food clean, the beer cold, the meat hot and tasty, and politeness all around…because we choose to be, not because we’re forced to be.

In other words, I go to Hooters to be around adults. To get — the hell — away from — the “Mommy, Mommy, Make Him Let Me Play” culture. And, dare I say it, that’s what lawsuits like this one are all about. Hooters is recognized as an oasis. As a shelter. And the nannies are not content to drive us into some kind of a fallout shelter; they want to wipe out the last pockets of resistance. Anywhere. Hooters is just the last stand. They know that’s where we’re all holed up.